Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST Finally makes a comeback, will they claim their title as the best idol?

The 6 member group BEAST had finally made a comeback.

BEAST had their first comeback stage on the first of October with the 3rd album ‘Mastermind’ on the live broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’. On this day, BEAST performed the song ‘Mastermind’ and the title song ‘Breath’.

Debuted last year, since then BEAST’s popularity rose and is now considered one of the higher leveled groups out of all the male groups. On this day, they were on the last stage and showed off the current position of BEAST. It can be concluded that they had proudly won their position as one of the greatest male idol group.

On this day, BEAST captured the hearts of female fans with their strong charisma.

BEAST had been known for the strong skills and had been referred to as the ‘singers who aren’t scared of the performance and live’. However this was possible due to the raw practice through day and night.

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon wrote on his twitter on the 30th, “Just keep watching us like the debut stage 1 year ago and cheer for us” and “I’m nervous and anxious like my first debut” showing that he was excited and at the same time very nervous.

The ‘Breath’ music video that was revealed a day before debut showed explosive amount of views in various music sites, and it had become the most downloaded clip on GOM TV the moment it was released. Top ranking search words were a given and it had even made it on the worldwide trending list on twitter showing the popularity they have overseas as well.

The album that was sold on that day had also kept its number one position on the charts making the wait for the comeback even greater.

Also the choreography revealed in the music videos caused much anticipation to make others wonder how the comeback stage is going to be like.

cr: NEWSEN, aoistars @ B2ST RISING


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