Its All About Beast is the B2ST

G.NA Cafe Post 101009

From here to the end…!!

WOW!! Everyone!! It’s me Gina!~~~<3

On Friday October 8 evening at Mubank….
Beast sunbaenims got their…
Win! ! ! ! !

Because of all of you, I really wanted to give my heartfelt thanks.
Also wanted to give my thanks to Cube Family as well.
After seeing Beast’s win and with recollection of my past trainee days started to flood my memories…
somehow tears of joy started to flow…
To know that such strength and support from fans existed made me really proud and touched!!!
Really thank you for supporting and loving our Cube Family!!!!!! ❤

After regaining my strength and passion from seeing Beast’s win,
I was able to find a greater motivation to work harder!
(thank you thank you thank you!!! =))
I will also become like our awesome family members ‘Beast’ and ‘4MINUTE’ that you will one day be proud of!!
So please give us a lot of love till the very end!!
I believe in all of you! ^^ You know I love you right??^^ kekekekeke

Everyone now that the weather’s getting colder, make sure to wear warmer clothes!!!
I’m slowly slowly recovering from this cold you don’t realize how dangerous and depressing it was… -_-;; kekekeke
Always be careful okay?! =D

thank you once again for letting our family members ‘BEAST’ a NUMBER ONE artist!!
i really hope all this love and support will keep goin till the end of the time hehe..<3

Let’s gather up our strength and always fighting!
love you guys so much! you guys are my inspiration . . . ❤

I love you!~~~~

SOOOOOOOOOO ‘BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
SO~~~~~~~~~~~~’BEAST’ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! ❤

cr:G.Na’s cafe, dujunseob@ B2st rising


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