Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST releases concert teaser Ep 1

Having released the slick looking concert poster yesterday for B2ST’s upcoming concert this December, Cube Entertainment has now released Ep 1 of the concert teaser.

The teaser features B2ST’s leader, Doojoon acting as the captain and narrating the ”Happy Flight Rules’ (what to do during the concert), and acted out by the B2ST members. Despite the “serious” nature of the video, it is actually pretty comical. Check it out below.

Video translation (courtesy of gergergal@Youtube)

“To the flight passengers of BEAST AIRLINE, for a enthusiastic/crazy voyage, we wish you to familiarize yourself with the following scenario.

During the flight, when one sees a hot and lively stage, one will start to feel the symptom of a tickling/tingling sensation in their body. If you start to feel this, place your two feet together, and start jumping.

Right then, if you raise one hand while jumping to the rhythm, the tickling/tingling sensation will go away faster. For those who find it hard to do by themselves, the attendants will endlessly shout, “Jump!” Whenever you hear this, we would like you to jump crazily.

Jump! Jump! I’m telling you to jump!

“Now…….2012, December 12: a cool journey with BEAST AIRLINE. We will welcome you aboard with the best of service.”

The concert will take place on December 12th at the Jamsil Stadium and all tickets have been sold out shortly after it went on sale at 8pm on October 26th.

Video: B2STOfficial@Youtube
Video translation: gergergal@Youtube
Source: AsiaToday, Allkpop



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