Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Sever goes down from BEAST’s concert sales, “Big Bang – Dong Bang Shin Ki level”

BEAST first solo concert opening on the 12th of December, ‘WELCOME TO BEAST AIRLINE’, is currently gaining explosive popularity.

Their management Cube Entertainment stated, “Along with the ticket sales opening on the 26th, due to the influx of 70,000 users coming on to the site at once, the sever eventually ended up crashing.”

The site selling the tickets commented, “This is one of the biggest numbers we have received. The situation is almost similar to the concert ticket sales from the top Korea’s groups like Dong Bang Skin Ki and Big Bang.”

Meanwhile, the concert teaser that was released prior to the ticket sales, have been a first trial in order to show the characters of the different members. After the Yoon Doojoon version that had been released first, the fans have their attention towards the different version from the other members as well.

cr: NEWSEN, aoistars @ B2ST RISING


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