Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Yoon Doojoon “Going on a sitcom for the first time. Advice from fellow sitcom sunbae Lee Kikwang? I’ll decline.”

[Newsen Reporter Bae Sunyoung / Picture by Reporter Bae Junghan]

BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon is taking his first challenge in a sitcom and he claims to not need the advice from Lee Kikwang, his sunbae in sitcoms.

The press conference for the MBC daily sitcom ‘All My Love’ was held on October 25th at 2PM in the Ilsan MBC Dream Center’s multipurpose seminar hall in Kyoungkido Goyangsi.

Yoon Doojoon who is taking his first step in acting for a sitcom said, “Of course I have to do better than Kikwang,” showing his determination. Lee Kikwang made a hit by appearing in the MBC sitcom ‘Highkick Through the Roof’ last year.

Yoon Doojoon also added, “All the members know how difficult it was when Kikwang was in a sitcom. That is why none of the members are envious” and “Because of our rivalry, I will not be accepting advice from Kikwang.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon will be appearing as Bang Eunhee’s only son alongside being the friend of Jo Kwon & Gain’s characters Hwang Geumji and Hwang Okyeob. His character is that after graduating high school, he couldn’t go to college so he decided to enlist in the army after doing nothing. In other words, he’s a bum. The first episode airs on November 8th at 7:45PM.

cr: NEWSEN, aoistars @B2ST RISING


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