Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST debuting in Japan through an ultimate showcase with 10,000 people

[Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

BEAST will be officially debuting in Japan.

Their management Cube Entertainment stated, “BEAST will be having a showcase with 10,000 people on the 27th of November in the big site located in Tokyo.” For a new group to be hosting a big showcase like this with 10,000 people, it will be a new experience.

It has been planned that BEAST will be showing off a special performance where they travel from the Hanaeda Airport to the site of the showcase in a helicopter. The helicopter travel method has been mainly used by the top pop stars, such as Micheal Jackson. In return, the 10,000 people who had gathered to see BEAST will be greeting BEAST’s debut in Japan with a “group body message” so that BEAST can see from the helicopter.

In addition, before the showcase, BEAST will be releasing the premium album and DVD set in Japan titled, ‘BEAST Japan Premium Edition’. Also, after the showcase, BEAST will be releasing an album in Japan early next year with the well known record label, Universal Music Japan.

Many topics are arising along with the news of BEAST’s debut. On the 28th, the famous Japan newspaper told the news about BEAST debuting in Japan under the headlines, “The Beast of K-POP, BEAST strikes Japan on November 27th.”

On the newspaper it stated, “It will be the first time a group that haven’t debuted before having such a great stage,” and added, “After Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang, another big Korean group is coming. Unlike their beautiful looks, this popular group has a strong sound, and the strength displayed in their powerful performances.”

Meanwhile, BEAST is finishing up with promotions for their 3rd album, ‘Breath’, and will be preparing for the new album coming out early November and the concert that will be on December.


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