Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang joins Twitter!

Following in the footsteps of fellow B2ST members Doojoon and JunhyungLee Ki Kwang recently joined the vast cyber world of Twitter!

Recently, Lee Ki Kwang created his very own Twitter account under the alias @B2stGK. Doojoon introduced him to his own followers by tweeting, “Lee Ki Kwang finally started Twitter. Please follow him!!!” Lee Ki Kwang replied, “Thank you thank you Doojoon kk. I finally started Twitter too hehe. Please come visit me a lot^-^~!”

Later, he uploaded a picture of himself, Doojoon, and Dong Woon to commemorate his newly-created account. The caption for the photo reads, “To commemorate the starting of my Twitter account, I took a picture and uploaded it [onto Twitter] for the first time ^-^~!! Hehe this is fun~~~~!!^^ kkk”

So what are you waiting for? Go support him by following his Twitter!

Thanks to our lovely readers for the tips!




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