Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Lee Kikwang on the ‘lie detector’ test, “It is true that I have met women but…”

[TV Report Jo Wooyoung Reporter] Lee Kikwang from the idol group BEAST had left a suspicious presence when he answered “no comment” towards a question asking if he had met or is willing to date a woman recently in personal matters regardless of programs.

On the episode of ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’ broadcasted on the 31st, the Jung Yoonsung examiner from the Prosecutor’s Office Psychological Analysis appeared and the brothers ended up doing a lie detector test.

The actual lie dectector machine had been used in crime investigation cases and Jung examiner stated, “It identifies the psychological state with a 96% accuracy,” causing anticipation .

On this episode, when Lee Kikwang was asked the question, “Do you consider yourself to be the 4th person in rank in Hot Brothers?” He clearly stated back, “No,” which was confirmed as the truth.

When he was asked, “Have you ever dated a female idol star,” he said back he had never dated a female idol star which was confirmed as the truth once again.

However the questions didn’t end there. The Jung examiner asked a clever question, “Have you ever met a female in the last 2~3 weeks for personal matters outside of the programs?”

From the question, unlike the ones before, Lee Kikwang’s heart beat graph started to act abnormally. After taking a few breathers, he had boldly stated, “Yes I have” which was confirmed to be true as well.

The final blow question was, “Do you have thoughts of dating her?” which Lee Kikwang was shocked for a second and passed the question with the comment, “No comment.”

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that all the members had told a lie except for Lee Kikwang which led them to visit the temple for them to become closer.

At this location, while the members where having their confessions and forgiveness time, Lee Kikwang had revealed his own salary.

Tak Jaehoon stated, “These days Simon D thinks he is popular,” and added, “He is so proud that he has a total of 9,000 dollars in his bank account.” Lee Kikwang added, “I have a yearly salary of 8,000 dollars,” and added, “I want to do hip hop instead of being an idol,” causing laughter.

cr: TVREPORT , aoistars @B2ST RISING


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