Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Wang Biho reins in the ‘B2ST’

Comedian Wang Biho targeted idol group B2ST as the latest victims of his wit for the October 31st episode of KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert“.

Wang Biho opened up his skit with, “Why, if it isn’t Lee Ki Kwang and his children. I’d like to apologize for calling you guys a recycled group last time, and bringing up pictures of your past connections to 2PM and Big Bang.”

He trilled, “You guys won with ‘Soom‘ recently, didn’t you? Are you guys finally #1 idols now?

Fans who are well-acquainted with the show recognize that Wang Biho always delivers a backhanded compliment. Thus, Wang Biho continued, “But it’s really more like someone finding something on the floor of a used-goods market and not knowing what it is. Later, the person realizes its value as a cultural asset. That’s how I feel about this group.”

Wang Biho went on to criticize the group’s military concept, “B2ST has managed to join the ranks of the ‘beastly’ idols with their new track. Do you think the broadcast hall is some kind of zoo? Why are everyone ‘beasts’ now? Try and go to the army first. Do you even know what a cartridge belt is?!

Source: Newsen, TV Daily




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