Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Wangbiho says, “BEAST military look you say? Check out the actually military for yourselves”


Wangbiho Yoon Hyungbin had stated his reckless criticism towards the idol group BEAST.

On the episode of KBS 1TV ‘Gag Concert – Peach Classroom’ broadcasted on the 31st of October, Wangbiho stated his criticisms towards BEAST, who are currently “flying high’ with their recent new song ‘Breath’.

On this day Wangbiho stated, “This time BEAST joined the whole ‘beastly group’ teams along with their new song,” and added, “Is the broadcasting systems some kind of zoo? Why in the world is every single person have a ‘beast concept’ then?” causing the audience to laugh.

Also he added a comment about their military concept as well. “Go and check out the actually military for yourselves. You guys will be hated for your military looks!”

On this episode, other than BEAST, SG Wannabe had been embarrassed by Wangbiho as well.

cr: NEWSEN , aoistars @b2ST RISING


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