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BEAST’s 4th album ‘Lights Go On Again’ preorder sales start


The preorder sales have started for the BEAST’s 4th mini album ‘Lights Go On Again’ that will be released on the 9th.

In the morning of the 3rd, BEAST had opened up the preorder sales on different online sites for the upcoming 4th album, and the track list showed a surprise with all new type of songs that filled the whole album.

BEAST, who had finished their official 3rd album activities on the music programs, was even able to place first on the charts wining the top rank in the music industry. The extravagant performance and perfect live that was their advantage since debut had helped them to get the title as “skillful idols.”

Despite the hot response from the 3rd album promotions for the follow up song, BEAST, instead of choosing the safe route, chose a route that involved a flip flop of images with new concepts, and the announcement of the preorder sales for the new album.

BEAST’s 4th album ‘Lights Go On Again’ had a continuous strong electronic sounds that BEAST’s music has, and tried a method that included new dance numbers that can show off the different spectrums of change for each member.

For this album, BEAST worked with Korea’s greatest composers Kim Dohoon, Shinsadaong Tiger, and more, and had Korea’s best writers participate in the album, adding some weight into the lineup.

The BEAST members plan to show a 180 degree changed look from their manly charismatic look.

Meanwhile for BEAST, since early in their debut, they had reaching number on in album sales, so there is high anticipation for the sales of the 4th album for them.

With their solo concert sold out and the debut of them overseas, BEAST is at the height of their popularity and along with the release of the 4th album ‘Lights Go On Again’ on the 9th, BEAST will be facing their challenge head on.

cr: NEWSEN , aoistars@B2ST RISING


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