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BEAST’s 4th Mini Album ‘Lights Go On Again’ Information

No. 1 BEAST’ Festival is starting!
[BEAST 4th MINI ALBUM – Lights go on again]

[Lights go on again] will be the 4th Mini Album that will sweep BEAST off their feets.

The reason this album is getting attention is because right after the promotions for the 3rd album, this album will be going to be released had a whole new album with all new songs notifying the start of a new comeback. Unlike adding one or two songs and coming out with a repackaged album, this album has been released with a full completion level. This “rendezvous album” style that BEAST is trying out for the first time in the music industry will be the proof that they have a different reputation to begin with.

The 4th album from BEAST has all the twists that exceed the thought of the human mind. The title song ‘Beautiful’ is confession song for this year’s winter with a bright and loveable BEAST. This addicting song has the megahit feeling so that if one hears it can atomically capture the listeners. Also it is a song that both the stage loving BEAST and the fans can enjoy together and make everyone happy.

Not only that, if you hear the first track of the song ‘Lights go on again’, it is so surprising that you might have to ask for yourself, “Is that really BEAST’s music?” The combination of th guitar reefs and the simple vocals give the audience a great pleasure. Other than that, there is the song ‘I like you the best’ which had been a song that had receive countless number of requests from the fans since their debut documentary program ‘Lightless’ that was in the fight with their past song ‘Breath’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ which is a different K-POP ballad are all included which shows off a new level from [Mastermind].

Like this, [Lights go on again] will be the No. 1 album that BEAST will be releasing as a ‘Festival of 2010’ with charms to wish everyone happiness.

1. Lights Go On Again
— Hong Seungsung, DA9297, Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung
— DA9297, Shinsadong Tiger
2. Beautiful [TITLE TRACK]
— Kim Dohoon, Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Sangho
— Kim Dohoon, Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Sangho
3. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You the Best)
— Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung
— Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Chaekyu, Jeongoon
4. Lightless
— Rado, Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung, Choi Kyusung
— Rado, Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung
5. I’m Sorry
— Rado, Yong Junhyung, Choi Kyusung
— Rado, Choi Kyusung

Remember this?!

That had been the song that the b2uties wanted in the album for a long time and it is finally here!
It will be coming out as the 3rd track on the album and here are the translations!
(From ~40secs and on)

Yoseob: No matter what clothes you wear
You are always beautiful in my eyes
Doojoon: I like you the best
I only need you
Even if I keep you in my heart
You are the most special in the world
(Translation: aoistars @ B2STRISING.COM)

cr: KYOBO , aoistars @B2ST RISING


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