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BEAST reveals the teaser to 4th album title song ‘Beautiful’ raising anticipation

BEAST reveals the teaser to 4th album title song ‘Beautiful’ raising anticipation

[Newsen Park Youngjoo Reporter]

A teaser of BEAST’s title song off their 4th album had been released in a form of a ‘radio teaser’.

On the show of KBS COOL FM ‘Narsha’s Raise the Volume’, BEAST had revealed a teaser of the title song ‘Beautiful’ from their new album ‘Lights go on again’ in a form of an audio teaser on November 5th.

The ‘radio teaser’ method has been an effective strategy carried out by BEAST that received an explosive response from the fans with the release of the title song off the 3rd album, ‘Breath’. Anticipation rose from the fans as they heard the short clip of the song to get a feel for the whole song.

For the 4th album as well, fans waiting for BEAST’s comeback had asked for a radio audio teaser of the 4th album title song ‘Beautiful’ with excess amounts of requests.

Meanwhile, BEAST’s 4th album ‘Lights go on again’ had placed first on the online music chart for the amount of album sales under a day the preorder for the album started.

BEAST plans to start the busy promotions along with the album release and sales starting on the 9th of November.


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