Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Which miss A member does B2ST’s Ki Kwang think is pretty?

After revealing his interest in miss A last month, B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang confessed today that he thought a certain member of the group was pretty.

On November 7th, this idol ended up proposing a confession out of the blue while filming MBC’s variety show ‘Hot Brothers’ through pressure from the other ‘Hot Brothers’ members. On this day, there were tons of questions thrown towards original idol Tony An regarding love. Ki Kwang, who kept his eyes wide open in excitement, asked Tony, “How do you secretly date?” In response, Tony revealed all of his dating tactics. Ko Young Wook, who was also present on this episode, advised Ki Kwang on how to date as well.

In addition, when this B2ST member was asked if he liked any idol member, he confessed, “There is one in miss A: Min.” Furthermore, ‘Hot Brothers’ members also expressed their opinions as they said,“These days idols just propose publicly,” to which Ki Kwang got upset and quickly denied, “It isn’t a proposal!” He then said, “I just said recently Min looks pretty, with a crinkled face, causing the cast members to laugh.



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