Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST will be revealing their self-composed theme song in the broadcast of ‘University Music Festival’

Group BEAST finally opened a lyric-writing contest at Jeju Island in order to compose a theme song for MBC’s ‘University Music Festival’.

BEAST, who is enjoying tremendous popularity by ranking high on various music charts and TV broadcasts with their song ‘Breath’, started their full-scale work on the composition of a theme song for ‘University Music Festival.’

Even while constantly worrying about other things in their busy schedules, BEAST did not neglect their duties and was able to open a lyric-writing contest in faraway Jeju Island.

At the contest (in which leader Yoon Doojoon got to be MC for a day), Yoseob, who has never rapped in his life before, prepared an opening rap at the ‘University Music Festival’, and the rest of the members were astonished. Hyunseung, who prepared a fresh rap in Chinese, was caught for plagiarism and was not able to hide his embarrassment.

At the dead of night, there was a guest who secretly came to see them.

In the meantime, BEAST’s lyric-making contest will be broadcasted on MBC every1 ‘2010 Countdown to University Music Festival’ on November 8 at 11 PM.

cr: NEWSEN, kiwiannabear @B2ST RISING


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