Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Yoo Saeyoon humiliates Yoon Doojoon by saying “BEAST.. Oh, Kikwang’s group”

Yoon Doojoon was humiliated by Yoo Saeyoon.

On the broadcast of MBC’s new sitcom ‘All My Love’ on November 5th, Yoon Doojoon, Ga-In, and Jokwon went to find the Knee Drop Guru, Yoo Saeyoon.

When Yoo Saeyoon asked, “Why do you believe that you got picked for this sitcom? It is true that you guys are the most popular in your groups…”, he locked eyes with Yoon Doojoon and said, “I’m Sorry”, which caused a lot of laughter.
(The reason why he said sorry was because he thinks that Doojoon isn’t the most popular among his BEAST members. But, of course, he was joking.)

As soon as Yoo Saeyoon saw Yoon Doojoon, he asked, “Who are you?” When Yoon Doojoon answered, “I’m BEAST’s leader, Yoon Doojoon,” Yoo Saeyoon humiliated him by saying, “Oh, Kikwang’s group.”

‘All My Love’ is currently receiving a lot of attention due to the cast that includes the Adam couple (Ga-in and Jokwon), Kim Kapsu, Park Misun, Bang Eunhui, Kim Nayoung, Yoon Doojoon, etc. It will be broadcasted on November 8th.

cr: NEWSEN,kiwiannabear@B2ST RISING


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