Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST reveals MV teaser for ‘Beautiful’ and captures the heart of females with ‘boyfriend-dol’ image

[Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

The preview clip for BEAST’s 4th album title song ‘Beautful’ music video was released.

On the 9th, BEAST had raised the hopes of the fans by revealing a teaser video for the ‘Lights go on again’ song with a ballad feel. In addition, the release of the teaser for ‘Beautiful’ didn’t let down any of the hopes from the fans as well.

In the ‘Beautiful’ music video, the ‘pet-idol’ and ‘boyfriend-idol’ charms of the BEAST members were displayed clearly. At the start of the music video, Lee Kikwang enters the classroom shyly in his glasses and a school uniform showing off the “shy student” feel flawlessly. Jang Hyunseung had even made a V with his fingers adding on to the cuteness.

BEAST had been showing off their charisma on the stage so far. However, as they are singing the song ‘Beautiful’ which has the feel of a guy singing to his girlfriend, it is evident that the special performance will show off a ‘boyfriend-idol’ side towards the fans.

Fans who viewed the clip commented, “They are really cute,” “They look so fresh,” and “Six men, they are really lovely” showing their anticipation for their first stage.

Meanwhile BEAST will be opening their first solo concert on December 12th at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

cr: Newsen, aoistars @B2ST RISING


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