Its All About Beast is the B2ST

101115 – 101116 Yoseob & Manager Joonkun’s Tweets



For you, who’s the most precious & beautiful in this world, I’m so sorry & sad that I couldn’t be with you for your birthday

@helloimys Yojiya~~ Even if it’s late at night, Hyung will go with you so that you can see your mom^^ Just hold on a bit^^


Beast’s music video is out, please listen to it a lot^^

It’s extremely cold outside.. but my heart is warm!^^


@helloimys Seeing Yoseob meet with his mom. I’m starting to want to see my mom as well..ㅜ

Daniel: @helloimys Good work today ma brothaaaaaa!
Yoseob: @low_keydrama Excellent work~~~~~~~!! Ke ke it’s interesting ke

Prepix: @beastdw Let’s do it with determination today ke ke ke ke
Yoseob: @Prepix Aaaaaaaaah.. are you.. determinedddd

For some reason, I feel like taking a walk in Sam Cheon Dong or In Sa Dong while listening to music today ke

The beggar in my stomach has a picky appetite too.. I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat anything

@Joker891219 Ke ke ke ke ke Since you mentioned Tamgwanori (corrupted politician), I feel like eating Origui (Roast duck)
cr: Yoseob’s Twitter, Joonkun’s Twitter, GEE @B2ST RISING


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