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Lee Kikwang, only 5 people in the nation knew of his solo promotions as ‘AJ’? “Humiliation” 101116

BEAST Lee Kikwang was humiliated when when only a few people knew he promoted as ‘AJ’.

BEAST Kikwang appeared as a guest on KBS ‘Happy Birthday- Happy Clinic’ and confessed “Before BEAST, I promoted as a solo”.

BEAST Lee Kikwang and Yong Junhyung’s current entertainment company is not their first as they had had many auditions and moved around a lot. While talking about this, they revealed behind stories.

As soon as Lee Kikwang confessed that he had performed solo before a group by saying, “I have promoted as a solo before. But it failed” the people around him were shocked.

In addition, Yong Junhyung added another shocking confession that “I have an experience of being Lee Kikwang’s backdancer during that time”.

When Lee Soogeun asked “Did anyone know that Lee Kikwang performed as a solo”, Seo Inguk, Yon Hyungbin, Choi Sungwon, Seonwoo, and Jung Gyeongmi, a total of 5 guests, rose their hands.

They only knew that Lee Kikwang performed as ‘AJ’ in the past.

As soon as Lee Soogeun teased Lee Kikwang by saying “You were this popular, why are you saying that you failed”, Choi Sungwon asked “Is it only us that know” causing the studio to burst out laughing.

The netizens that watched the broadcast showed various reactions “I had no idea Lee Kikwang performed as a solo. Do only 5 people out of the whole nation know?”, “He would have become popular as a solo, but how come I didn’t know”, “Lee Kikwang’s huge humiliation”, “It’s still fortunate that he has found the light with BEAST”.

cr: MYSTAR , glfishyyE@B2ST RISING


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