Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Son IlRak’s Cyworld Update 101031

cenery of bestiz’s small uproar and a colony of pampas grass and Beast Airline (10.10.31)

October 29th, Friday~~~

My wife and I went to Kangwondo Jungsan, Mindoongsan.
Going up and down was really hard~~~
But the ridge at the top of the mountain, colonies of pampas grass were really beautiful.

Oh, My God!~~~
Even though those weeds are useless~~~ when they are in a colony they are truly a piece of art.
The one people around the world praise and exclaim.

The story changes,
But the airplane is the result of high technology, which is made out of more than ten thousands of parts.
From all those many parts, if one has a defect, the airplane will have problems flying.
Even if it flies, it will eventually fall.

Each BEAST member is like those flimsy weeds.
A pampas grass growing alone at the end of a mountain can’t draw a person’s attention.
BEAST shines because six members who have different personality, looks, and growing environment
Abandoned their greed to collaborate with each other.

Fans who BEAST loves the most~~~
I predict that you guys are full of happiness being around them.
Sure the fans love BEAST’s music, but they will also have favoritism towards a member.
If they don’t that might be a little weird.

But if you truly love your bias, you will also see the ensemble in the colony as beautiful.
If it’s a true favoritism, that is.

BEAST who has debuted for a year now~~~
They have grown this much through fans love.
They are only one year old and they are already having their own first concert, can you believe it?
Literally even ‘unbelievable BEAST’ ‘unbelievable B2UTY’ is not to excessive.

As you know, BEAST Airline has done preparing to take off.
Stone-hard thigh captain, rancho steward, no expression old-looking Son’s flight comment has been done already.
Really even if one of the parts is missing or has been defected, <BEAST Airline> will not be able to take off powerfully.

Fans who BEAST love the most~~~
Right now BEAST members are having a hard time nobody can imagine.
They can’t eat comfortably, they have to sleep standing up or sit down and sleep from time to time. They are fighting hard with themselves.
You can imagine how hard it is when I say that I want him to quit being a singer?

Anyways, please encourage BEAST, and <BEAST Airline> so they can take off powerfully~~~
Please clap for them sincerely looking into their eyes so they can trust each other and encourage each other in a colony and so they can create an ensemble together~~~

– The order in the concerts are very threatening to the audiences and it is a serious problem. Before BEAST starts performing, I would like to ask a favor for the B2UTIES to chant <order, order, order> in loud voices.

– Hanabira nim~~~ you really sing well. I was really touched. ^^

CREDITS: Son IlRak’s Cyworld (SOURCE); SweetVoiceYS@b2ST RISING


One response

  1. hAnhAekYu

    this is sweet…
    DOngwoon is so handsome in the pic..

    November 23, 2010 at 7:40 PM

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