Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Dalmatian’s Drama & BEAST’S Yoseob join together for a ‘Kiss’, in their Digital Single

Rookie group Dalmatian’s member Drama and Beast’s Yoseob will be releasing a digital single.

The joint song sung by Drama and Yoseob, “First Snow and First Kiss” will be released on the 29th on various online music sites.

Starting from when they were trainees, they were coined ‘soul mates’. The two had an intimate relationship, prior to their debut, they released a UCC series, “To Pick On Mr. Daniel” which even succeeded to rise up as a hot topic when selected as #1 amongst the weekly TOP 5 UCC’s by a sports newspaper.

‘First Snow and First Kiss’ has a lyrical melody depicting the faint memories of one’s first love, as well as memorable lyrics that contain the fluttery feeling one feels’ during their first snow and first kiss.

Especially, as the lead vocals of their respective groups, with their excelling vocal skills and appeal, as well as deep voices, it will undoubtedly seize the ears of anyone who hears it.

Representatives from Dalmatian’s agency stated “Throughout the time they spent filming the jacket and recording together, the atmosphere was very friendly. You could tell that they had a very tight friendship.”, “This song was based on the unique meeting between these two. ‘First Snow and First Kiss’ will be established as the best music to accompany a lovely and warm winter.”

cr: Daum News , GEE @B2ST RISING


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