Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Vietnamese “BEAST” an online hot topic.. From 1 to 10, they are similar

Idol group BEAST’s popularity is spreading to Vietnam.

Following the news report about BEAST’s 6-member ‘copy group’ in Vietnam called ‘HKT ft HKT M’ is garnering a lot of interest. Their song that plagiarized BEAST’s ‘Mystery’ has been uploaded onto youtube and is now a hot topic.

In the video, the members copied the the main dance of ‘Mystery’ causing many people to gain interest.

Some listeners claim that the melody is similar, and that the outfits are similar causing online viewers to wonder if they should look at it positively or negatively.

Some people have been claiming that “This means BEAST’s popularity is rising”, but as expected, fans feel ‘displeased’ about it.

Here’s a video for the said performance concerning the plagiarism for BEAST’s Mystery

Credit: fckyeahb2st@Tumblr
Video: nghenhacmoi@YT


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