Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST successfully holds their first Japanese showcase

B2ST recently completed their first Japanese showcase, “The Legend of Beast,” in a spectactular style with lions, tigers, and their own personal helicopter!

B2ST’s Japanese marketing team from Universal Music brought in lions and tigers from a nearby zoo, along with a $100,000 USD helicopter. A large-scale record store in Shibuya was also plastered with B2ST’s posters, and over 40 different Japanese media outlets including NHK, Asahi News, Sankei News, Fuji TV, and TV Asahi were on scene to report on the showcase.

The event drew in 10,000 fans, with 4,800 of them coming in the early morning in order to set up a card section in the showcase parking lot. Reportedly, the boys watched their fans’ activities from their helicopter above.

Interestingly, a representative of Cube Entertainment revealed, “All 10,000 seats sold out within 10 minutes of the tickets being open.”

B2ST performed a total of nine hit tracks, including “Shock,” “Soom,” and “Beautiful“; the tigers and lions were on stage during the entire set, boosting the strong charisma of the show. Throughout their two hour performance, the boys personally went around and high-fived over 6,000 of their fans.

CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment revealed, “They will be releasing their official Japanese album in February and will be kicking off their activities soon. In the first half of 2011, they will be promoting in Southeast Asia alongside their Korean activities. We’re creating a system in order to turn Asian artists into world stars.

When asked about the secret behind such popularity, the members of B2ST replied, “We think each of our six unique charms will work well in attracting fans. Our powerful music, choreography, and image will be introduced through this showcase.

Yoseob added, “As it is our first Japanese stage, we will perform as sincerely as possible. We’ve put up lions and tigers on stage in order to express a more powerful feel in our performances. We hope that our fans will be impressed by this.”

Doojoon stated, “We have yet to even officially debut in Japan, but so many fans have come and even prepared special events for us. We are deeply touched by their support.”

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate, ALLKPOP


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