Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST, “Being on top of the Oricon chart is our goal”

“Our goal is definitely reaching the top of the Oricon Charts.”

BEAST, who had passed a year since debut, is starting a new bigger adventure.

BEAST (Yoon Doojoon Yong Junhyung Jang Hyunseung Yang Yoseob Lee Kikwang Song Dongwoon) opened their showcase on the 27th at the Toyko Big Sight located in Ohdaiba Tokyo with 10,000 people. It was a time for them to meet the fans before their official debut in Japan. With 40 different Japanese media attending the event, it was able to capture attention from the public.

Hong Seungsung President of BEAST’s management Cube Entertainment stated, “This year, Korean female groups made their stance in Asia. Now I believe that an Asia star will soon be like a world star. Along with the start of this showcase, I will make an effort to have BEAST and 4minute catch up in the Asia market as well.”

Suzuki Ahchusi, FET CEO of Universal Music, who is charge of BEAST and 4minute activities in Japan commented, “I believe that Korean female groups play a big role in starting the KPOP craze in Japan. I still remember first meeting with Lee Kikwang who was under the stage name AJ during the June of 2009. I will make it so that Korean stars can now not only debut in Japan, but make it so that they can fully accustom in Japan.”

BEAST revealed their thoughts regarding the “human letter” event at the press conference. Earlier that day BEAST arrived in the helicopter to the performing stage, they were greeted by 4,800 fans holding up a red sign in the formation of the word ‘B2ST’. Yang Yoseob stated, “I am touched. My heart was overflowing. Japanese fans are the best.” He added, “I saw one fan in a wheel chair participating in the human letter. If I get the chance, I really want to meet this person.”

BEAST had proudly placed their name on the Oricon chart as 6th place in the Japan Prenium Edition CD that was released on the 24th. BEAST commented, “We had no idea that we would receive so much love from an album in Korean instead of Japanese, we wonder what it would be like if our official album comes out. Our goal is definitely reaching the top of the Oricon Charts.”

Currently promoting their 4th mini album ‘Beautiful’, BEAST will be releasing their album in Japan and will be officially making their debut in February of next year. Before, they will be having their first solo concert in Jamsil Indoor Stadium on December 12th.

Next is the Q&A portion.

– We heard that you guys visited Japan in the summer. How do you feel about this solo performance?
▲ (Dongwoon) We are really happy. Since we prepared hard, please watch us nicely.
(Doojoon) After hearing that all 10,000 seats were sold I playfully thought to myself, “I wonder if there will be anyone coming thinking of something else.” Hopefully it won’t be like that. (Laughs) It is our first time introducing the six of us together in Japan. They say that the start is the half way mark, so we want to make our start a successful one.

– You guys arrived by the helicopter and fans greeted you guys with the B2ST logo. What do think about that?
▲ (Yoseob) I am touched. My heart was overflowing. Japanese fans are the best. I’m thankful. I saw one fan in a wheel chair participating in the human letter. If I get the chance, I really want to meet this person. We were in the air for about 20 minutes and I was really surprised. It makes me want to back.
(Doojoon) I heard that 4,800fans participated in the human letter event. I knew that they were preparing for it, but I didn’t know it was going to be that much people. In between the grey building the red letters appeared. You could have even seen it far away. The fans and the helicopter was connected so every time we spoke, the fans started to cheer.

– On stage you guys were with the actual beasts, the lion and the tiger. How did that feel?
▲ (Hyunseung) Since this was our first showcase in Japan, we considered all the aspects of it. Pondering the ways to show off an insightful stage, we thought to show off our strong side by putting up the lovely beasts on stage. We hope that everyone would enjoy the stage with good feelings.
(Doojoon) Since the first impression is important, we decided to get the beasts on stage. I thought it was going to be fake, but I was so surprised with I saw it moving in the back. It was my first looking at the tiger and the lion up close like that. Instead of the strong and powerful image, we want to approach everyone truthfully like in Korea. Now I think it is up to us. We will work hard will all we got.

– You guys didn’t even release a debut album and I heard that you guys entered the Oricon chart. You guys must have your own thoughts about it.
▲ (Doojoon) I found out because the fans posted it on a fansite. I was even more fascinated because it was a Korean album instead of it being in Japanese. I started to get greedy with the will to work hard.
(Junhyung) I was resting from practice for a bit, but Yoseob came in a told me the news. I started to practice again with even more strength.

– What do you think are the charms to win points from the fans in Japan?
▲ (Hyunseung) I think Japanese fans like the 6 different styles of audio, video, music, choreography, and dance. In addition, I think the Japanese fans love BEAST’s music. Even though we didn’t formally introduce ourselves to Japan, but seeing how well we did in the Oricon chart, it makes me think that we might receive even more love if we officially debut.

– Is your goal the top of the Oricon chart?
▲ (Doojoon) That is correct. This is the is same case in Korea, but we will head for the top in Japan as well. We always have the courage.

– When you guys officially debut in Japan in February of next year, you guys will be probably singing songs in Japanese. How are you studying Japanese and we wonder if you guys have a favorite Japanese phrase.
▲ (Doojoon) It’s been a while since I studied Japanese, but because of the busy activities I couldn’t memorize it. My favorite Japanese word is ‘Okangkidesuka’ (How are you doing?) from the movie ‘Loveletter’.
(Dongwoon) We are getting Japanese lessons in between our actitivies in Korea. My favorite Japanese word is ‘Ietadakimas’ (Thank you for the meal).
(Yoseob) I am studying hard. These days since I don’t get enough sleep I even get my Japanese confused. My favorite Japanese word is ‘Ohyaseumisai’ (Have a nice sleep). I want to sleep.
(Kikwang) BEAST is doing well in their Japanese lessons. My favorite Japanese word is ‘Daiseuki’ (I like it the best). I like saying ‘I like it the best’ the best.
(Hyunseung) I want to study Japanese so I can talk to the fans. My favorite Japanese word is ‘Kawaii’ (Cute).
(Junhyung) I am studying Japanese hard. Next time we are back we will be much more improved. I like ‘Ohhayo’ (Hello) the best.

– Waiting for the showcase to start, we saw some male fans too. Why do think they are here for BEAST instead of a female group?
▲ (Doojoon) Hyunseung plays a big role in it. Even in Korea, there are male fans that scream out ‘Hyunseungie hyung’ even when Girls Generation pass by in front of them. Overseas Hyunseung has a lot of male fans. I have no idea why, but I guess they think he is the prettiest. (Laughs)

– In Japan you guys are being called the ‘beast group’. What do you think about this?
▲ Honestly, BEAST wasn’t named to fit the ‘beast-idol’ group image. It was made because we wanted to say that we will show off a strong performance on stage. But this was then the ‘beast-idol’ popularity was rising. We get referred to ‘beast-idols’ a lot, but off stage we are just naïve kids. Not some ‘beastly-idol’. (Laughs)

– In the future will BEAST be both in Japan and Korea, or will they be in Japan? We are wondering able their future activities.
▲ (Hong Seungsung President) Their official album debut will be in February of next year. Later next year they will be active with an album in Korea as well. I believe that now the music market is shifting to Asia. Asia star is basically a world star. BEAST will be planning for markets in all of Asia, Europe, and America with Universal Music. Next year they will be focusing on Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Probably by next year, we will be having some results.

cr: NATE, aoistars @B2ST RISING

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