Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Traveling in a helicopter, BEAST’s first showcase in Japan is a success

[My Daily = Tokyo Japan Baek Solmi Reporter] The helicopter is high above the grounds of Tokyo, Japan. On the 27th, BEAST had traveled in Japan from Hanaeda Airport to the big site located in Tokyo Ohdaiba from their first showcase titled ‘THE LEGEOND OF BEAST VOL.1’. With their official debut album hitting the stores, BEAST had used about 100,000 dollars buy rented a helicopter to reach the fans and give them a very special time.

Riding the helicopter with BEAST’s name written on it, they were warmly greeted by the fanbase when they saw the “human letter” formation made by the fans on the big parking lot. BEAST members commented that it was “touching at its truest form” took pictures and videos as they were suspended in the air for 20 minutes on the helicopter.

Before the showcase stated, in the press conference leader Yoon Doojoon stated, “I have been to Japan many times due to performances, but this is my first coming officially for a special occasion. I’m honored that we will be able to continue with the showcase with all the love and attention from everyone.” He also added, “Honestly, we are so nervous that we a doubting if we can go through with this showcase. But they say the start is already the half way mark, so we will try our best. Korea, and Japan, we will try our best to be on top.”

Their concert stage was made up of 10,000 seats on one floor and it was prepared so that fans will be able to observe the looks of BEAST at every angles. Also, there were 6 screens positions above the stage so that the fans will be able to see BEAST’s precise movements, expressions, and not miss a thing.

In order to celebrate BEAST’s first showcase G.NA, from their management, sang ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ starting off the show. When G.NA’s show passed all the lights in the room were turned off and the fans arose from their seats waiting for BEAST. Like a surprise, starting with Yong Junhyung then Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon, Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, and the rest of them came up from the bottom of the stage showing off a short dance performance signaling the start of the showcase.

BEAST was dressed in a black suit and sang ‘Shock’ live as their first song and when fans started to sing along, it was almost like a stage in Korea. On the stage were the lion and tiger from the zoo in Japan to add into the strong fell of BEAST. After their first song, BEAST introduced themselves with “So BEAST, Hajimaemasidae,” greeting the fans. Then when Yang Yoseob covered his face with his hands because was adding in this comment and felt embarrassed, fans screamed out “kawaii” as this scene flashed on screen leading the stage into a sea of laughter.

After, they performed ‘Mystery’, ‘Clenching A Fist Tight’, ‘Bad Girl’, and after changing into white suits, they sang ‘Breath’ and ‘Easy’ showing the fans in Japan their own style of charms. In between the performances, BEAST added in their commentary and expressed love towards the Japanese fans. From 6PM to 7PM, for an hour, BEAST swayed the hearts of the fans.

When the announcer stated that there was only one more song left, the fans looked at each other and expressed their sadness. With the last song ‘Special’ left, Lee Kikwang commented, “I was really happy and touched. I hope that you guys will continue to show us endless love and attention in the future. I love you.” Yoon Doojoon added, “I keep on saying this, but thank you. Please don’t forget this memory between us. Next time we come back we will be much cuter and prettier,” thanking the fans.

Fans filled with sadness shouted “encore” and BEAST members came back out wearing shirts with their name on it and sang ‘Oasis’ and ‘Beautiful’. When the showcase ended, BEAST shook hands with 6,000 fans in a high touch festival and they will be returning to Korea on the morning of the 28th. Successfully completing the showcase in 1 hour, with 10,000 fans, BEAST will be officially debuting in Japan during the February of next year and will be officially starting their promotions in Japan.

Also, BEAST’s showcase gained attention because of the variety of genders ranging from to people in their 10s to their 40s. Also, in 10 minutes of the ticket sales, all the seats were sold out and Asahi Newspapers, Sankai Newspapers, Nitkan Sports, Fuji TV, Nihon TV, TV Asahi, NHK, and 40 different media reporters were present to witness BEAST’s popularity.

The video clip of BEAST with 10,000 fans in 1 hour will be broadcasted on NTV ‘Zoom In Super’ and Fuji TV ‘Tokunanae’ on the 29th.

cr: MYDAILY, aoistars @B2st rising


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