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Coping with Busy Schedules, BEAST play ‘pingpong’ to distress?

Debuted for less than a year, Korean boy group BEAST have lots of support from fans. They have just make a comeback with 3rd mini abum in September , BEAST’s songs had topped many music charts in Korea. Few weeks back, BEAST have won #1 in K-chart with the song “Soom” on KBS Music Bank within short period of promotion period. 6 members were crying agitated , at the backstage. The photos causes many fans and media to guess whether the six boys are under too much stress, thus causing them to cry.
BEAST is going to visit Singapore for the third time, at this coming Saturday , 4 December for Mnet Ultimate Live Performance. Being abe to participate this time, the members are in exictement. They have received OMY interview via emai and they use words to greet b2uties!
Let’s see what BEAST answer to OMY interview!


Q: The fans have been waiting patiently and now you are back with your latest album “Mastermind”, tell us more about this album.

Doojoon: I think this album reinforces the genre that ‘Beast’ is going for. Personally, I didn’t want to settle in the conventions and simply show how much I enjoy the music. It seems like we’re more relaxed on the stage but still, I get nervous. Hopefully, I’d be able to show my pure enjoyment on the stage at our concert on 12 of December.
Junhyung, Kikwang, Hyunseung: We’ve tried to show our improvements in performance as the structure of choreography for ‘Breath’ is quite unusual. We wanted to establish our musical identity in that song as well. But we’ll be able to show completely new performance for the new album released in November. Please look forward for it.

Q: You recently topped a K-chart on Music Bank and photos of members crying emotionally at backstage were shown on the internet. What happened? Why were you so emotional after the win?

Doojoon: I woulnd’t know how to explain it. Tears just came our of my eyes. Later on TV, I got to see my blank face after the announcement. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I thought I was dreaming. My parents came to my mind first. All mixed emotions came up at once and all I could was to cry.
Yoseob: At that time, I was stressed as I found the song challenging. When the award was announced, I suddenly got wound down and all the emotions came up. I thought of my parents and my sister. I was thankful that our fans ‘beauties’ were there for us.
Kikwang: It was hard to believe that we won the thing on our first appearence after the release of the album. When I heard that we won, momentarily I became blank and didn’t know what to say so I just repeatedly said ‘Thanks’. My parents comes to my mind first when things like this happen and I also remember our team in entertainment company and all other people around me. But at that moment, I couldn’t really express it with my words.
Dongwoon: I thought being nominated was a big honour. But when the winner was announced, everything that I’ve been though since the training period came to my mind. Especially, I felt so thankful of my parents who’d been supporting my dream even when things didn’t seem so optimistic. I felt thankful of our boss who organised our group. Moreover I can’t forget about our fans who made it all happen. We were able to achieve our goals with their support, not just by ourselves.

Q: Were there a lot of pressure to perform even better after your success from the previous album? Which member gives himself most pressure to perform?

Yoseob : My part in ‘Breath’ was challenging to me and that had put a lot of pressure on me. But other members noticed how I was getting sensitive about it and had helped me out a lot. So I was able to handle it without much difficulty. For me, the condition of my throat is the number one priority on or off stage. In this way I am able to perform satisfactorily on every stage. It is my biggest concern so I take great deal of care on my throat.

Q: Despite being busy with tours around the world, you had to prepare for your latest album. How do you keep yourselves energized? We see that Doojoon and Dongwoon would try to make staff and members laugh during ‘Soom MV’ filming site. Are there other ‘jokers’ who would volunteer to do that?

A :
Yoseob, Hyungseung, Junhyung (unanimously): The funniest memeber is Doojoon. He’s a quite the comedian in real life. He always tries to make people laugh and relax the tension while at work. In saying that he makes up a great leader in that way.
Dongwoon: When we get tired, we don’t talk much. Doojoon catches times like these and tries to make people laugh.
Kikwang : I think Dongwoon’s the funniest but it doesn’t appear so on the TV. I find him amazing because his fine look doesn’t match with his sense of humour.
Doojoon : I agree with others, I think I’m the funniest. (laugh) I try to stay laughing and keep the spirit high. There isn’t any special incident I can think of but when all six of us get together, I always have a great time. Nowadays, we are quite into Ping pong. It’s a great way to fortify our teamwork and at the same time release our stress.

Q: Talk about your Singapore Beauties (fans). How do you feel about fans keep wanting you to come back to Singapore?

Doojoon : We are happy to meet you all finally again. We’ve always been thanking you, knowing the amount of support you give us.

Kikwang : It wasn’t hard to decide to come to Singapore again because we wanted to meet you again. I believe we’d be able to come back again with better stages after our solo concert in December. Please look forward for it.

CREDIT : OMY.SG (Source) + fantasyCove@B2STSG (translation)


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