Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Son IlRak’s Cyworld Update, 101205

The day when BEAST won Mutizen Song(10.12.05)

I went out with my wife to Chunho Department Store for shopping~~~
The phone rings.
Aigo~~~ It’s Dongwoon~~~

Dad, we won Mutizen Song~~~
Really~~~? Congratulations. Mom and Dad couldn’t see it because we were outside~~~ Sorry~~~

On here my wife and I felt really sorry and disappointed for missing the broadcast. ^^

So, you went to Singapore and came back as you would go to a neighborhood~~~ Are you alright?

(with a cheerful voice)Yes~~~ I’ll see you

My wife and I quickly went home and saw today’s broadcast and ancore performance uploaded on bestiz.

Today they were especially bling bling, armed with pinky~~~ And seemed like pros~~~
I’m very proud.
Besides, I’m pleased to hear that they won 1st place with the song Beautiful which I think is dedicated to the B2UTIES.

But my wife threatens me even though she is happy~~~
She told me not to tell anyone that they won first place when I go out~~~^^
She said the kids should never be too proudful?
Some people with narrow hearts can be jealous?:

Of Course~~~ I’m not that kind of person.
I sent a text message to Dongwoon immediately.

Now your like a real pro~~~ You can get camera shots properly now~~~ I’m very proud of you guys. You guys deserve to be first. But you guys should be more humble. You guys just put a spoon

I sent a message like this and continued reviewing~~~
The cell keeps on ringing.
It’s Dongwoon.
Yes~ I’m done eating~~~ and practicing now~~~ Thank you~~~ See you at the concert~~~
I hesitated if I should send a message back saying Do your best.
But there’s no need right?
They are real pros, who 14 million angels are protecting~~~^^

CREDITS: Son IlRak’s Cyworld(SOURCE); SweetVoiceYS@B2ST RISING (TRANS); firyn@B2STSG


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