Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST reflects on their ‘Golden Disk’ rookie award

After the initial shock has worn off from winning the ‘Rookie Award’ from the “2010 Golden Disk Awards” last night, the boys of B2ST took to their Twitters to express their feelings.

Leader Doojoon tweeted on December 10th, “Ever since I was little, I always made sure to watch the ‘Golden Disk Awards’ every year with my older sister. It’s amazing being able to stand on that stage now and even win an award! It was so very cold, I would like to genuinely thank all of the B2UTIES that came to support us!!^^

Lead vocalist Yoseob uploaded a picture of the trophy with their group name engraved on it, and wrote, “The best“. He continued, “We won an award at the ‘Seoul Music Awards‘, and now at the ‘Golden Disk’… I feel like we’re properly being awarded our rookie awards. I feel so proud.”

Lee Ki Kwang, ever the sweetheart, thanked his family on December 9th with,  ”I love you, mother… I love you.”

Congratulations, B2ST!

cr: Allkpop



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