Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST holds press conference before their first concert

Building up anticipation with their six individual concert teasers as well as various promotional images, the day has finally arrived for B2ST’s first-ever solo concert,”Welcome to Beast Airlines“. Held on December 12th at 5PM, the boys took a moment to sit down for a press conference before rushing off to their concert preparations.

B2ST started off by stating, “We prepared stages under the concept of going on vacation with our fans. The six of us rehearsed a lot for this, and although it was a hard and stressful project, it was impossible for us to not do our best whenever we thought of our fans’ support.

Leader Doojoon continued, “It’s been a bit over a year since we debuted. Honestly, everything that has happened since our debut feels like a dream. I was worried whether we would ever be loved when we debuted, but we are now receiving so much love from our fans. Ever since our debut, our two biggest goals were to win #1 on a music program and to hold a concert. We’re moments away from achieving those goals now.”

Lead vocalist Yoseob added, “I’m glad that we’re able to hold our own concert along with our four released albums. Out of everything, I’m especially proud of having released so many albums and achieving 100,000 in album sales. Our concert today is a meaningful one, as it is our first ever with our own name. The six of us will combine to have our fans enjoy it.”

Kikwang continued with a smile, “I’m happy about our 100,000 in album sales, our first concert, and our rookie awards.”

Junhyung and Hyunseung stated, “The fact that we passed 100,000 in album sales and earned three rookie awards is amazing, but we’re anticipating just as much for this concert. We prepared for our concert with fluttering hearts. There was a lot of pressure, but we rehearsed for over six hours every day.”

Dongwoon concluded, “We’re excited to be able to show off everything we have prepared for our fans. This is a dream we’ve had since our trainee days, so this is definitely one of the happiest days for us.

When asked about their personal goals for the coming new year, Yoseob answered, “I’d like study composing and become a radio DJ.” Dongwoon answered, “I’d like to receive my driver’s license.” Kikwang answered, “I received the opportunity to star in another drama. I’ll show off different charms and sides to myself,” while Doojoon responded, “I’d like to try different genres.”

As previously reported, the group will be performing three duet songs personally composed and produced by them. The concert also sold out moments after tickets were put on sale, demonstrating the high level of interest.

When asked about what they believed were the secrets to their success, B2ST replied, “All six of us have different and unique charms, and they combine well together on stage. We believe our teamwork to be the key unit to our popularity. Thank you so much to our fans for always loving us. We will work even harder in order to open concerts overseas. Please anticipate us.

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate, Sports Today via Nate, No Cut News via Naver, ALLKPOP



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