Its All About Beast is the B2ST

B2ST to perform three new duet tracks at concert!

After making fans scream with the news that B2ST would be revealing a new song during their upcoming concert, Cube Entertainment dropped another announcement that the new release would actually come in the form of three songs!

Cube Entertainment’s representatives stated on December 12th, “B2ST will be releasing three songs that they all personally participated in producing. They paired up in teams of two in order to present a duet as a present.”

The three songs are divided into separate genres, with units divided by vocal color and musical preference.

Lead vocalist Yoseob and rapper Jun Hyung will be performing “Thank You“, a song with a hip hop base and a melody crafted to please even the most finicky tastes. Ki Kwang and Hyun Seung paired up for an R&B track, “Let It Snow“, produced for the winter season. Lastly, Doojoon and Dong Woonwill be performing “When This Door Closes“, a ballad track made to capture the hearts of fans.

The members are currently preparing for their first concert, “Welcome to Beast Airline“, to be held on December 12th at 5 PM.  These three songs will also be released immediately after the concert ends.



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