Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST members are forming duet unit groups? To reveal 3 duet songs

OSEN= Reporter Lee Hyerin] The members of group BEAST are scheduled to perform duets with each other, and will be displaying 3 duet songs.

On the 12th at 5PM at the Seoul Jamshil Gymnasium, BEAST will be holding their first independent concert, “Welcome to Beast Airlines”, and will be revealing 3 duet songs for the first time.

The lyrics were written by the members of course, and there are self-composed songs included as well.

These songs each have a unique genre, and each duet team paired members together who’s vocal colours and musical tastes agreed, elevating the atmosphere of the song.

The first song is a combination of the lead vocal Yoseob and rapper Junhyung, titled ‘Thank You’. It is a charming and melodical hip-hop song recorded with poetic lyrics and hip-hop bass.

Kikwang and Hyunseung will be performing a R&B track titled ‘Let it snow’ that is sure to arouse the feelings of winter.

In addition, Dongwoon and Doojoon display great compatibility in their ballad duet titled ‘If this door is shut’.

These songs are scheduled to be officially released later on.

cr: Daum, GEE @B2ST RISING


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