Its All About Beast is the B2ST


However, due to the fans that want to see BEAST, the concert had to be paused for a short time. While singing ‘Mystery’, because of the audience in the standing section shifted to a single side, the song was cut off in 20 minutes from the start of the concert and it was put on a short pause.

The members headed back to the back of the stage and the staff members had an announcement saying, “Please keep your line order.” After 10 minutes of the pause, the performance started once again.

Yoon Doojoon appeared on the stage again to announce the problem during the stage and apologize to the fans. Son Dongwoon stated, “We will be moving close to the you all so please keep your line order.” Then BEAST continued to sing ‘Mystery’.

BEAST was also not able to keep their emotions suppressed in the first solo concert a year into their debut.

The first tears were spilled by member Yong Junhyung. The members planned a surprise birthday party for Yong Junhyung’s birthday coming up on the 19th and he was touched that he was celebrating his birthday at the first solo concert.

Yong Junhyung stated crying, “My parents are here with me today. Last year, my mother visited me for my birthday, but I sent her back telling her that I was busy. I am happy that I got to celebrate my birthday here in such a meaning place. Thank you is all words I can say.”

Yong Junhyung’s tears were not the end. All six members of BEAST showed their tears on that day.

The most emotional moment was when the video that captured their debut times was airing on the big screen. BEAST, who was called the ‘recycled’ group early in debut, was able to remember the times of sadness and painful times.

On the video the different phrases including, “Let’s show them not to make them look. We clenched our jaws. We put more and more effort until the time we were able to show ourselves confidently. The sweat we spilled then was tears.”
And along with the comment from BEAST, “Now the world refers to us as the rediscovered group instead of the recycled group,” there were video clips of them making their place as the best male rookie group of the year.

The members also spilled tears looking at the video each of their parents recorded. It was the warm tears that contained the worries for their parents and the thankfulness towards the fans.




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