Its All About Beast is the B2ST

PLAYB2ST Cafe Post (Dongwoon) 101213

A post is required for a meaningful day like this right?
Thanks to everyone.. we were able to finish our first solo concert successfully
Um… Honestly since it was our first time there were so many mistakes
But even though it was stage with so many regrets,
because you guys saw it nicely and forgiving
It went by…well!!!
You guys know that you are the ones making the concert
and that we aren’t the ones completing the concert right???
We just sang with the microphone in hand^^
Thank you to everyone who came and screamed a lot as well!!!
After eating BBQ with the staff and everyone who worked hard,
Now I’m just looking at the video they filmed at the concert
I could still feel the tears still coming haha
However I will not cry since Santa Claus….. won’t give me any presents

Anyways to you all who couldn’t make it!!!
We will be having an Encore Concert on February 18th and 19th ^^
We will be preparing even better performances along with new ones
So don’t be too sad..
And for those of you who can’t even come to the encore
The new songs revealed..
We will be releasing them soon^^
Was I too serious until now..?
Anyways everyone worked really hard and I live because of you all
I’m always thankful and I love you!!!!

p.s You know that lights go on again banner on top?
Please change it now..^^I look like some stone statue

cr: PLAYB2ST, aoistars @B2ST RISING


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