Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST shows off unit activities,`four new songs revealed in relay form’

The six member popular group BEAST will be showing separate unit activities, but at the same time gathering together in different groups.

Starting on the 21st, for 4 days, BEAST will be releasing the 3 member duet songs and an additional song from their first solo concert on the 12th in the form of 4 different digital singles.

Aiming for 5PM KST each day, BEAST will be releasing Yoseob and Junhyung’s hiphop song ‘Thanks To’, Hyunseung and Kikwang’s R&B track ‘Let It Snow’, Doojoon and Dongwoon’s ballad song ‘When the Door Closes’ and the full version of the song ‘Lights Go On Again’ in the course of four days.

These duet songs composed and written by the members that attracted much popularity even during the concert will display the ultimate charm by showing different genres in a unit group.

Meanwhile BEAST is looking forward to Japan promotions early next year, rising up as the popular idols in both Korean and Japan.

cr; STAR Today, aoistars @B2ST RISING


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