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Kang Minkyung and Son Dongwoon’s song ‘Udong’ won’t be heard on the main stream media networks

Looks like we won’t be hearing Davichi’s Kang Minkyung and BEAST’s Song Dongwoon’s duet song ‘Udong’ on the main stream media networks.

According to the composers of ‘Udong’, since the title of the song is in Japanese, the main 3 broadcasting networks confirmed that they will not be showing on television.

‘Udong’, the winter season song after Jessica and Park Myungsoo’s ‘Naeng Myeon’, have gave up on a re-evaluation process and it seems that it will only be able to be listened via online.

The composers stated, “Right after we had finished recording the song, we got criticized by the broadcasting people that ‘Udong’ will not be able to be played on the networks.”

‘Udong’ is commonly found in the menus of many different restaurants and there is even the official Korean form of the work ‘Garak Noodles’. However, since they were sued under the word ‘Udong’, the composers have given up on appealing.

Meanwhile after release, ‘Udong’ had been in the top 10 lists and is currently attracting a lot of attention.

cr: Star news, aoistars @b2st rising


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