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Son IlRak’s Cyworld Update 101213

[Trans]Cry baby family (10.12.12 First Solo Concert)

A letter from the cry baby dad to the cry baby son~~~

After Dongwoon made his debut with BEAST, his continuous dream was to have their first ever solo concert~~~ this was the third time I showed my tears.

Why is this the third time you ask? Truthfully speaking, the first time I showed tears was when Dongwoon went through hardships before his debut~~~ this was when he had a change of heart and stopped being a trainee. The second time I showed tears was when they placed 1st for the first time on a music program (MCD).

Anyway, Dongwoon and Rock Thighs (Doojoon) were singing their self-composed song <When the Door Closes>~~~ as soon as the music came on, he said something to his fans and got teary, eventually crying~~~ Was it <Thank you for allowing me to sing>?

As soon as I heard this, and when Dongwoon became so overwhelmed with emotions that he started crying~~~ I also felt emotions that were too overwhelming for me to explain, as my eyes grew teary.

Yes, it’s true. These boys can be left behind forever. They could have been in the dark corner of the practice room as they fall into grief and anguish as they give up their dreams. However, with the friends of BEAST, it isn’t like that.

I don’t mean it just because it’s Dongwoon. It doesn’t sound right, but Dongwoon has faced lots of ups and downs also. He even faced serious dilemmas and rebellion. However, they were finally able to stand on stage.

Dongwoon~~~ you thought of the past days while you were singing~~~ And also the fans who <allowed him to sing>~~~ CUBE family~~~ parents~~~ he was thankful yet again, as he couldn’t control himself when thinking of these people. You cry baby~~~

But I think the truth does speak out. If you look at the accounts of the concert, there were a lot of people who cried in empathy of when Dongwoon cried~~~

Also, this is 1st class secret but~~~ Claiming that the area near <Shinsadong> is his area, with his concept being unsure if it’s a <cat> or a <tiger>, this is the words of the producer~~~ The man who is chic and cold in the entire universe is also to have said to show a bit of tears~~~^^

Yes~~~ because of my cry baby son, I became the cry baby dad. Because of the cry baby, even <Hong CUBE-nim> gave up his <cold> image~~~ But what can we do?

We can only be thankful for everything today. Thank you truly.

Also, their first solo concert~~~ my eyes are amateur, but they’re kids in my eyes~~~ they looked like they were using all their strength left to run around~~~ I want to compliment you on your efforts and preparation today.

Especially~~~ Dongwoonwho cared for the safety of the fans as he said <Don’t push to come closer to us~~~ Stay there~~~ We’ll go to you guys> was slightly admirable.

There were some insufficient in their first concert, and even mistakes. However, don’t scold them too much. ^^ you know how adults sneak in a compliment when scolding their child? It’s easier for the child to learn from the scolding without so much of the harshness, no?

Yes. Normally <compliment-compliment> or <hate-hate> methods aren’t as effective. You compliment the parts to be complimented and for the wrongs, you point it out. Wouldn’t this help BEAST to become bigger and better?

Our cry baby son fire~~~
Our cry baby CUBE-nim fire~~~
Our cry baby B2UTIES fire~~~
Our cry baby family fire~~~

On the day of BEAST’s first solo concert~~~ Written by cry baby dad~~~

01. Taking this position, thank you very much to Paparazzi Shinsadong for taking such a difficult picture of Hong CUBE-nim’s tears.
02. Also Hong CUBE-nim~~~when you go to Golden Disk Awards or other nice award show, how about preparing a speech that oozes coolness that will defeat the infamous <I just lifted my spoon> speech?^^ Kidding.
03. For those who were in the standing section of the concert and showed comradeship~~~ I highly recommend for you to enlist. The fate of the nation stands by a thread. Kidding~~~ I hope you all recover soon.
04. For those who couldn’t go to the concert~~~ don’t be too upset. Majority of the fans couldn’t attend the concert. One day, they will go to where the fans are.^^ if you stay where you are, Dongwoon promised that they’ll go to you guys~~~

cr: Son Ilrak’s cyworld, seoulfoood @B2ST RISING


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