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Park Jinyoung reveals his reason to dropping Lee Kikwang from JYP

Park Jiyoung revealed the reason behind the elimination of Lee Kikwang while he was still an JYP trainee.

On KBS-2TV broadcasted on the 21st, Park Jiyoung made an awkward laugh when MC Kim Seungwoo asked, “If Kikwang was a JYP trainee, why did he end up debuting under a different management?”

To this Park Jinyoung stated, “When I first saw Lee Kikwang, I thought both of his dancing and singing skills were excellent. However he did have one negative side.”

He added, “It was disappointing to know that Kikwang thought that he was talented himself. A trainee needs to be focused and always leave a room for improvement, but I feel that Lee Kikwang knew by himself that he was talented on his own.”

Then he revealed, “Now, after hearing that he is working harder than anyone else, I called him separately before and told him that ‘I was really proud of hearing that he is working hard now’.”



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