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BEAST, “In the new year, we really want to get our license.”

[Cookie Entertainment] The presence of 2010 disappeared and the new 2011 is bright on the horizon. Everyone is getting busy in order to greet the New Year. This goes same for BEAST who had continued to run without stopping with the songs ‘Shock’, ‘Easy’, ‘Clenching The Fists Tight’, ‘Breath’, and ‘Beautiful’ last year.

Making the statements ‘Boys of East Standing Tall’ and ‘beastly group to conquer the music industry’ a reality, BEAST had been chosen as the idol group to watch out for in 2011. Also, their hotly popularity could be found in their presence as well. Whenever BEAST attends music programs or award shows, the crowd cheering is so loud that the anticipation continues to grow for them.

We have met with the 6 member male group BEAST at the recording scene of the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ to talk about their activities going back and forth between Korea and Japan.

◇ Yong Junhyung “I want to be a skilled musician”

“If I look back to last year, the concert was the saddest. I prepared a lot, but looking back, it feels like I haven’t performed to my fullest on stage. In the future I want to lessen all the regrets. I won’t be satisfied 100%, but I want to make an effort to make a stage without any faults.”

“Personally, I want it to be the 2011 in which I can build on my musical skills. In the past, I had to face head on with the musical challenges while I was writing my lyrics. In the new year, I want to invest more of my time and effort to make a better song in the new year, trying out different things.”

“Ah, I want to get a license too. Last year, through the MBC Every1 episode of Idol Maid, I was able to pass the examination for the driving so I only have the actual driving test left. I want to learn little by little so that I can feel like I accomplished something in the end.”

◇ Yang Yoseob “I want to meet fans all over the Asian countries”

“This year I was thinking of challenging the driver license test. I passed the written portion, but I was thinking of studying really hard to get my license. As a BEAST member, I also want to have an Asian tour concert. Soon we will be promoting in Japan, so I want to meet with our fans in Asia often. But of course, since the health is the most important, I will be taking care of my body as well.”

◇ Yoon Doojoon “I get very greedy when it comes to acting”

“Last year when we had the solo concert, it was really nice hearing the cheers of the fans on stage. I will continue to run without stopping at a level. Until it feels like my luck had been so good so far. I will make an effort to make this luck into skills.”

“After challenging the sitcoms, I get very greedy when it comes to acting. Acting is fun, but I am disappointed that I don’t’ have enough time to practice. First of all I want to fulfill the role I was given for ‘All My Love’. Honestly, the acting is pretty easy since the role I have in the sitcom is pretty similar to my character. Of course I don’t act towards women like that (Laughs). I am worried a bit about ruining my image, but I also want to have fun acting. If I get the chance, I want to play a role of a serious character. Until now I have been playing a part in different roles such as DJ, variety, acting, and more, but I hope that I would have a fixed position in different roles this year.”

◇ Son Dongwoon “I want to make good music”

“Last year I tried writing lyrics one, but I think I ended up gaining a lot from that experience. I was also proud that people around me used to encourage me with comments that I would get a better song if I read more books. Maybe it is because it’s been a year since I graduated from high school, but I have been away from books a bit. In the future, I will try my best to improve myself.”

“If I get the chance, I want to take part in college as well. I am thinking of majoring in subjects related to singing or the entertainment business. I’m not sure if it will go into plan. Other members dream this too, but if I get the chance, I want to try acting as well. I wish that I can show the sides of me working from different viewpoints.”

◇ Lee Kikwang “Officially acting makes me nervous and worry”

“I wish that all the BEAST members will remain healthy. Also I wish for all the people I know to be healthy. Personally, I will be playing a role in the drama titled ‘My Princess’ that will air on the 5th for the first time. I tasted a bit of acting through ‘High Kick through the Roof’, but that was a sitcom before and I am worrying a lot since this is a much more serious drama. Tomorrow is my first filming. I am really nervous. I will make sure to prepare well so that I will be able to show my not-so-embarrassing acting skills.”

“I really want to get my driver license too. I tend to not really familiar with people I don’t know. When I get my driver license and I can drive alone, I want to go have fun and look around apart from the people. I need to take my driver test. I will break my time to go and get tested.”

◇ Jang Hyunseung “I want to rest a good 2~3 months”

“Until now, under the BEAST name, we released 4 albums. I think that for all of them, we weren’t able to practice fully before going on stage. I hope that we get much more of a leisure time so we will be able to go on stage looking perfect.”

“If there is one wish for the next year I want to make it come true, I wish that we get a break (Laughs). Since the trainee days, I haven’t been able to rest my heart fully. If we do get the chance, I was to get about 2~3 months of break to study and travel places. Also, if I want to go places I need my driver license, but I only passed the written portion. I want to quickly prepare and get my license. I won’t be attempt different genres until I am fully satisfied as a singer.”



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