Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Papa Hong’s Message 110103

Hello. This is CUBE Entertainment’s representative Hong Seung Sung.

I’ve become accustomed to ‘Hongcube’ and I hope this other name of mine is another form of your affection as well as your infinite trust in CUBE.

In returning that trust, we as CUBE work as if we’re in the midst of summer through your feverous support each day and night.

This year yet again was the feverous support and shouts in none other than the end of the year music awards that was a new step in leading us to the new year.

From now on, we know that you will shout in an even more feverous voice which never changes, as CUBE’s sons and daughters will have a joyful start in starting 2011.

In the mysterious year of CUBE, the first up is G.NA.

In success of G.NA’s debut song “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live,” we have awesome songs next as it is in its last stage preparation before being released. G.NA’s beautiful songs which will soon ring in the ears of many as the CUBE family will not hold back in sending their applause for her.

Secondly, 4MINUTE will be visiting you with a new album.

Today again, they are aiming for a suitable top quality and the expected standards of 4MINUTE. Like the ‘FOR MINUTE’ they are, they are currently working on making a better ‘present’ for themselves constantly running with the effort needed. 4MINUTE is expected to make their new start in mid-February as I cannot be more proud in seeing girls who just liked singing and dancing to them becoming greedier in music in their stage performances.

In ending BEAST’s fourth album promotions, they will be attempting something new once they have finished their little break they received. In success to their first Japan showcase, BEAST receives the spotlight as they will release in the latter half of next year (*T/N: I’m not sure if he means 2011 or 2012…) as they are preparing in a successful debut. BEAST who has stepped foot as an Asian star will face their turning point through their activities in Japan.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that activities in Korea are neglected due to an artists’ activities in Japan. In an adventurous vision and system, CUBE’s sons and daughters have become the foundation to being Asian stars as they are jewels whose stage is crowded if they were only to be in Korea.

As if 4MINUTE did, we prioritize in training for BEAST & G.NA to gain content and power as they can conquer Asia. In the flow worldwide, CUBE will continue to push out with strategical promotions. Continuing after that, CUBE will also present new artists and we will set them all forth in the Asian market.

We will work hard in setting forth CUBE’s sons and daughters as Asia’s centerpiece and becoming the best. For all the fans that love CUBE, we believe that you will be the strong rope and roots as we await your strengthened support.

At the same time with the ever-changing weather with whirlwinds, typhoons, and snow, we will walk proudly as we will not lose balance and we will open our dream stage that we’ve dreamed of in Asia. That strength will come from the fans in the end.

We promise that in 2011, all the fans who have been with CUBE artists for a long time, you will have grounded faith and support as wherever you go, in the name of CUBE you can become one and speak of us proudly. Again this year, we would like to deliver to you thanks and celebration from the heart instead of CUBE’s sons and daughters that will have a deep place in your hearts.

In 2011, like having them deliver their songs on stage, we wish for thankful days to those who will be closest to them and give them strength.

The CUBE family and I know that the start of this all will be all of you.

Receive lots of blessings in the New Year. Thank you.



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