Its All About Beast is the B2ST

‘All My Love’ Waking up Yoon Doojoon ‘there is only one way’..laughter from the details

Yoon Doojoon shows his endless humiliation through his appearance on MBC’s daily sitcom ‘All My Love,’ which is garnering the attention of many.

As a leader of the idol group BEAST, Yoon Doojoon appears as a college-returning student who has a crush on Geumji (Ga In), showing off his pliant acting and adding more liveliness.

In midst of that, Yoon Doojoon doesn’t blink an eye to the harsh criticism around him as everything is OK in his character as long as he has something to eat, displaying a naïve yet ignorant character. He livens his character up through plentiful of details. Each scene he’s in, he manages to make it as funny as possible.

There has also been a similarity that all the characters wake a deep sleeping Doojoon by kicking him with their foot. He received kicks from Ga In from his first appearance as he was chased out into the streets with only his trunks on, which also drew a lot of attention in. later on, when he’s sleeping, he also received kicks from Jo Kwon and his mother (played by Bang Eun Hee).

He also managed to gather laughter in his role of always running with his eyes widening in site of food. Especially when he always carries a spoon in his pocket and wherever he spots food, he repetitively pulls out his spoon simultaneously to him sitting down right away as viewers have said, “He gets funnier the more I watch.”

Aside from this, Yoon Doojoon is head over heels for Ga In and whether it’s him wide his mouth open or scenes of him being attacked by foot odor, he has broken the standard ideas of stars as he’s slowly sweeping away surely as a rookie actor.

Yoon Doojoon also seems as if he’s not in dislike of the attention he received for his acting of humiliating himself. In a recent Money Today Star News interview, Yoon Doojoon said, “I have no fear in humiliating myself” and “I’m having fun in being an actor.”

cr: STAR NEWS, seoulfoood@B2ST RISING


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