Its All About Beast is the B2ST

“For the First Time” BEAST Yong Junhyung’s ‘victory’ in the ‘Street Party’ competition

[Sports Today’s reporter Kang Kyung Rok] On the episode of MBC “For the First Time” aired on the 19th, a competition between the BEAST members was shown on the ‘Street Party’ corner of the show.

The first battle was between Yoon Doojoon and Jang Hyunseung. In this game, the first person to take off the other’s stocking is the victor.

The result is Yoon Doojoon’s dumbfounding loss. In this battle, Yoon Doojoon lifted his leg and provoked Hyunseung. However, the provocation was only temporary, as Hyunseung stole the stocking from Doojoon and won.

The second battle that took place was between Yong Junhyung and the maknae who seems like the bigger hyung, Son Dongwoon. However, even before the MC’s read the profiles of the two, the game ended dryly with Yong Junhyung’s victory.

The championship game was between Jang Hyunseung and Yong Junhyung. In the final game, stockings are worn on both feet and the one to take off the other’s stockings is the victor. As the two people competed seriously, Yong Junhyung took off both of Hyunseung’s stockings and was the champion of the game.

Meanwhile, in this episode, Beast showed a different and fresh charm.



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