Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST holds a mini concert with auction to help young leukemia patients on the 26th

Chicken franchise BBQ is hosting a ‘BBQ-Beast Miniconcert’ on January 26th at AX Korea, in Gwangjang-dong in Seoul, inviting 2000 of their customers. The concert will be around 2 hours long, starting at 2 in the afternoon. Before the concert, there will also be a charity auction, auctioning off Beast items, to help children diagnosed with leukemia.

Along with an entry slip provided by BBQ with any purchase, if you leave a message on their homepage stating ‘Why using extra virgin olive oil and 100% homegrown chicken makes BBQ chicken good,’ you will have entered for an invitation to the event.

Out of the people who have entered, 2000 people will have a chance to see the concert. Entries will be accepted until the 20th, and winners will be announced on the 22nd.

Getting the chance to not only go to a Beast concert but also to go to an auction with Beast items is very rare so for Beast fans, obtaining tickets is an intense competition. Because of this, BBQ sales and homepage visitors are increasing every day.

The head of BBQ’s marketing team, Choi Moonhyung revealed, “Because customers can eat delicious BBQ chicken and have the chance to see Beast, thereby killing two birds with one stone, the response of the customers has been feverish. So far there has been as many as 56,000 entries.”



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