Its All About Beast is the B2ST

Doojoon’s Son Dambi impersonation incident in a fake date with Rainbow?

Yoon Doojoon who had starred in MBC’s gag program ‘First Time Ever’ has created an uproar by doing a Son Dambi impersonation.

In one corner of the recent program ‘First Time Ever’ called ‘I want to know Beast’ filming, BEAST starred as a guest and were tested on their variety show skills. Because of this, they were set up to do a fake date with Rainbow. The corner that shows how the BEAST members react to Rainbow’s outbreak of actions.

BEAST’s Doojoon who usually is called the boyfriend idol learned the Son Dambi impersonation from Rainbow’s Seungah. But Doojoon soon improved than Seungah and showed a perfect Son Dambi impersonation.

Not only the impersonation but even the expressions and poses were the same which made everyone in the studio laugh. The MCs said “Doojoon who wins Seungah who also has an odd personality” and rated Doojoon’s variety show skills high.

BEAST’s Yoseob who had met Rainbow’s Noeul in the date was bewildered at first but soon followed Noeul’s rabbit impersonation and showed his idol- cuteness terminator self.

BEAST’s Junhyung met Jaekyeong, Hyunyoung and Woori as a 3:1 date and showed a shy image which was different from his usual BEAST stages.

After the BEAST members’ dates were over, the ‘variety show skills’ first place was awarded to Doojoon who even surprised Seungah.

The fake date where Doojoon does his Son Dambi impersonation with Rainbow will be show on the 19th.



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