Its All About Beast is the B2ST

‘Grilled Meat Happening,’ Seungri-Hyunseung “We’re Actually Very Close” 110118

The late revealed ‘grilled meat’ episode between Big Bang’s Seungri and BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung had caused much laughter among fans. It was revealed that even now, their strong relationship is still holding up strong.

On BEAST’s agency Cube Entertainment’s side, they said that “Before BEAST was formed, Jang Hyunseung was a trainee for Big Bang. When him and Big Bang feature in the same music programs, he goes to their dressing rooms to greet them enthusiastically. They also stated that, “Jang Hyunseung uses his own time to meet the Big Bang members, including Seungri.”

On Big Bang’s agency’s side, YG Entertainment said that “The Big Bang members are still close to Jang Hyunseung” and that “Their episode was revealed on a broadcast.”

On this day, Big Bang’s T.O.P revealed that in their trainee days, when they were one team, Jang Hyunseung and Daesung had gone to eat grilled meat often. The youngest and always calm Seungri shyly told the members to grill the meat and this was when the episode happened. Seungri, at the time replied to Jang Hyunseung, saying “I can’t grill meat.” At this time, an angry Jang Hyunseung told Seungri to go with him to buy vitamin drinks separately and that was when he scolded Seungri.

On another note, Seungri will release his first solo mini-album on the 20th and will go into promotions soon.



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