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BEAST’s Comeback on M!Countdown 110519

BEAST’s backstage [M!Countdown Comeback Stage]

On Rainy Days


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[TEASER] BEAST – Fiction and Fact

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BEAST Digital Single – 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

B2ST’s first full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“ is slated to drop on May 17th, but before that happens Cube Entertainment gave a treat to all their fans by releasing one of the tracks, “Rainy Days” as a digital single!

“Rainy Days“, was recorded on an actual rainy day in order to further accentuate a delicate sorrow. Check out the emotional track below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

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BEAST’s comeback, about the release of new album

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

The morning of the 9th that many people have been waiting for is here. Also, I think that you will be waiting for the mornings to come with the brightest sun shining each day.

Now, with BEAST’s comeback in our eye sight, Cube is busy like ever since morning without nights, and full of anticipation and nervousness.

First, BEAST’s first official album, ‘BEAST’s First Official Album’ will be released on May 17th (Tuesday).

With the release date coming up, there are a lot of assumptions being made about the album, but the most important thing to know is that this high album, made with the grown member’s passion and effort, is waiting for you guys.

This album has a dramatic arrangement that almost makes it seem like a story telling album and will feel as if you are reading through many different novels. Also, with the type of sound that wouldn’t be expected with BEAST’s past strong background, they had gotten a new type of sound with a modern feel.

Secondly, for our BEAST fans waiting for the comeback, the BEAST teaser website will be open on the morning of May 9th after the notice about the comeback album.

The teaser of the first story of the new BEAST album will be available on the BEASTs official website;

Thank you.


Should I Hug Or Not (안을까 말까) – Beast (2junkwang)

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B2ST’s Yoseob tweets about recording for their new album

B2ST’s Yoseob recently reported to his fans the progress B2ST is making on their new music album.

On April 23rd, the idol tweeted, “We started recording for B2ST’s title song. I hope you all get nervous and anticipate for this. It’s really big. Anyways, B2ST members really like snacking“.

He then uploaded this exclusive picture, which revealed the B2ST members taking a break in the recording room. On the table in front of them are various snacks and drinks.

Netizens commented, “I’m curious. I want to see them soon”, “I’m anticipating for the title song”, “While everyone is resting, I see Junhyung who is concentrating on something.”

Meanwhile, B2ST is set to perform at ‘Super Triple Concert‘ with December and IU at Busan’s BEXCO on April 30th.

Source: Medical News Today via Nate
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B2ST to hold their first fan meet + fanclub inauguration

For the first time since their debut, B2ST will hold a fan meeting on April 2nd at Koryeo University. It’s a particularly special event because it’ll also host the inauguration ceremony for their fanclub, “B2UTY“!

Currently, their fanclub has 180,000 official members. 5,000 of those lucky fans will get to meet with the boys as they celebrate their mutual growth.

A variety of events are being planned that allow for direct communication between the boys and their fans. Though they’re preparing for their official Japanese promotions for “SHOCK“, it’s said that the members are carefully crafting ideas for the event.

Check back with allkpop for further updates!

Source: Medical News Today via Nate

Credit: allkpop