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BEAST Digital Single – 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

B2ST’s first full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“ is slated to drop on May 17th, but before that happens Cube Entertainment gave a treat to all their fans by releasing one of the tracks, “Rainy Days” as a digital single!

“Rainy Days“, was recorded on an actual rainy day in order to further accentuate a delicate sorrow. Check out the emotional track below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

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[ALBUM COVER] BEAST 1st full-length album ‘Fiction And Fact’

BEAST’s sprinting that can’t be stopped!
The first official album [Fiction and Fact]

Selling out their first solo concert at scary speed, BEAST, who had made their spot as the strong forces in KPOP is returning with an official first album. Not just in Korea, but this is the comeback album that fans all over Asia have been waiting for. [Fiction and Fact]

The album intro song ‘The Fact’ is the song that leads a smooth introduction to the main track ‘Fiction’ and the deep emotions can be sensed from the song. Like the title many people don’t want to accept ‘The Fact’ of their breakup, the album moves straight into ‘Fiction’. ‘Fiction’ is different from the strong beat and sound that BEAST originally has and it is the type of a song with a focus on the melody and lyrics. The lyrics express the wanting to write a novel in order to display hardships as one faces realizing the pain of a breakup. This is heightened with an addictive piano riff making the song a sad story. Also, in order to express the overwhelming emotions of the song ‘Fiction’, BEAST had also included an orchestra version of the song.

The song ‘Back to You’ with an attractive rising melody is expected to receive a lot of love from the fans. Other the luxurious performance songs on the album, the pop ballad song ‘Calling You’ show off the colors of the member’s voices , ‘On the Day Rain Falls’ was actually recorded on a raining day so that the members can full express their young emotions, the song ‘You’ is fully of happiness. The song ‘Virus’ that encompasses Electronic Dubstep and Black R&B make the album even better to listen too.

In particular, since it is their first official album, many surprises can be found, including the song, ‘Freeze’ which has been written, composed, and edited my Yong Junhyung as a special gift to the fans. Also the ‘Lightless’ Unplugged version that had received hotly response from the fans had also been in included in the album adding even more value to it.

1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Calling You)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On the Day Rain Falls)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)                                                                                                                                                                                   10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)


BEAST’s comeback, about the release of new album

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

The morning of the 9th that many people have been waiting for is here. Also, I think that you will be waiting for the mornings to come with the brightest sun shining each day.

Now, with BEAST’s comeback in our eye sight, Cube is busy like ever since morning without nights, and full of anticipation and nervousness.

First, BEAST’s first official album, ‘BEAST’s First Official Album’ will be released on May 17th (Tuesday).

With the release date coming up, there are a lot of assumptions being made about the album, but the most important thing to know is that this high album, made with the grown member’s passion and effort, is waiting for you guys.

This album has a dramatic arrangement that almost makes it seem like a story telling album and will feel as if you are reading through many different novels. Also, with the type of sound that wouldn’t be expected with BEAST’s past strong background, they had gotten a new type of sound with a modern feel.

Secondly, for our BEAST fans waiting for the comeback, the BEAST teaser website will be open on the morning of May 9th after the notice about the comeback album.

The teaser of the first story of the new BEAST album will be available on the BEASTs official website;

Thank you.


[PICS] BEAST 4th Mini Album

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Lights Go on Again Album Full Songs

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BEAST TO RETURN WITH 4th mini-album, “Lights go on again”

Exciting news! B2ST has decided to roar back into the music charts with a 4th mini-album, “Lights Go On Again“.

The group recently ended their 3rd mini-album promotions with “Soom“, and many fans were waiting for the boys to announce a follow-up track. Yet B2ST has decided to divide their comeback into a dual-set of mini-album releases – “Mastermind” was determined to be the first part of the comeback, and “Lights Go On Again” will deliver the remaining half.

Fans can expect the 4th album to have a complete set of new songs, mostly electronic, as produced by hit composers Shinsadong Tiger and Kim Do Hoon. Indeed, it’s been said that the members’ manly, charismatic images will also be ‘upgraded’ to another level.

Cube Entertainment revealed, “Despite receiving much requests for a follow-up promotion after their 3rd album promotions, we have chosen instead to go with a completely new concept instead. We want to bypass the safe route by taking apart their established image.”

Various online music sites started selling pre-orders for “Lights Go On Again” on the morning of November 3rd; the mini-album has set a scheduled release for the 9th.

We’re really looking forward to see what B2ST will bring us next!

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Official Mastermind official Pictures [Dongwoon]

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