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Beast member Yong Junhyung revealed a selca for his fans after a long absence.

On the 23rd of March, he posted a photo on his Twitter with the words ” Lately I have not shown my face (so I uploaded this picture)”.

In the photo, Junhyung is wearing a black roundneck T-shirt with a leopard print hat. His neat style and still handsome appearance even without any makeup attracted attention.

Netizens who saw the photo had various responses, “Are you in the recording studio?” , ” I don’t know how you can be so cute,” ,”You’ve grown some pimples, you look very tired,”. Junhyung recently collaborated with Wheesung for his new song and MV “Words That Freeze My Heart”.

Junhyung’s group Beast will launch their official fanclub B2UTY on the 2nd of April at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium.

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Six member Korean boy group Beast’s debut Japanese single ‘Shock’ ( released on the 16th) managed to sell 290,000 copies in its first week. It achieved 2nd place on Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart on the 28th of March, beating the record set by Big Bang’s ‘ Heaven’ which managed to get 3rd place on the same chart in 2009. This is the best record ever achieved by a newly-debuting non-Japanese Asian group.

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Yangpa releases a new album in 4 years… Wheesung & Yoon Doojoon features

Singer Yangpa will be releasing a new album in 4 years.

This album is also attracting focus due to the participation of popular artists. Hweesung had composed her minor pop ballad title song, ‘It Hurts’ and BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon had featured in her other song in her album, ‘Bon Appetit’.

Meanwhile, Yangpa’s new album songs will be revealed on the 25th. She will be having her comeback stage through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on April 1st.


B2ST’s Junhyung will finally stand on stage as Wheesung’s rapper

Singer Wheesung will finally be joined by his original guest-rapper, B2ST’s Junhyung, for his ‘Words that Freeze My Heart’ performances on music programs.

Last week, Wheesung had stood on stage with INFINITE’s Hoya because Junhyung’s group activities made it difficult for him to coordinate with Wheesung’s schedules. As such, Hoya had filled in for Junhyung on all three major broadcast programs.

However, Junhyung had strongly expressed his desire to stand on stage with his sunbae Wheesung, even if it meant changing up his group’s schedule. Reportedly, Junhyung said, “It was hard to stand on Wheesung’s comeback stage as I was chased by B2ST’s group activities, but I want to reschedule so I can make the respected sunbae’s stage shine more.

The rapper’s ardent wish was finally granted, and now he’ll be performing alongside Wheesung for this week’s episodes of ‘M!Countdown’, ‘Music Bank’, ‘Show! Music Core’, and ‘Inkigayo’.

Wheesung has expressed his anticipation for the collaborative stage, and complimented Junhyung with, “A rapper who can control the tempo of emotion and logic with both skill and appeal”.

Their first stage of ‘Words that Freeze My Heart’ will be performed on March 24th’s episode of ‘M!Countdown’.

CREDIT: Seoul news via Naver, ALLKPOP


Despite hitting jackpot with 2nd place in Japan Oricon charts jackpot, why are there only sighs?

Even though BEAST has come in 2nd as the debut single on the Oricon daily chart they are sighing with worries.

According to the Japan Oricon style, the debut single ‘Shock’ BEAST has presented this day sold a total of 10,902 copies of their album and got ranked 2nd place.

The record of 10 thousand copies BEAST has sold is similar to the first single sales of Kara and SNSD who are currently on a jackpot procession. Given that Japan is at a chaotic situation due to the earthquake and the nuclear danger, it is a huge accomplishment. It is an example that shows us that there is a chance BEAST will be the strongest male idol in the k-pop wave continuing the girl group solo system.

But to BEAST, this result isn’t just pleasing. This is due to the quake nightmare and nuclear danger currently in Japan that they’re worrying about.

One official said “It’s not a situation that we should only be happy” and “Even the agency members have more worries about the Japanese fans”.

BEAST was originally supposed to go to Japan in mid-March and promote but actually have cancelled this due to the quake aftermath.


110317 Pictures of BEAST’s Lee Kikwang as a backup dancer for Epik High

Recently, Lee Kikwang of the valuable idol group BEAST has been brought up as a topic due to pictures of him when he was a back up dancer of Epik High.

In the pictures, Lee Kikwang has a harsh look in his eyes in his angular face that is very different from his current cute image. However, fans responded with such welcoming comments such as “So cute,” “Even after peeling and peeling the layers, you’re still recognizable, you’re like an onion.”

It is known that Lee Kikwang had previously debuted as a solo artist under the name AJ. The other BEAST members gained stage experience by performing as backup dancers for Lee Kikwang when he was AJ. But the fact that Lee Kikwang used to be a backup dancer for Epik High wasn’t as well known.

BEAST won first place on music programs last December with ‘Beautiful,’ and they are currently preparing their next album.

CREDITS: dongA (SOURCE); purpleumbrella@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

Could Lee Seung Gi, B2ST, and 2NE1 be leading the next Hallyu wave?

Over the next few months, a representative contingent of Korea’s top idol singers and stars will be crossing the East Sea towards the land of the rising sun in order to try their hand in the increasingly-competitive Japanese music market.

With all these stars heading over to Japan around the same time, one might begin to wonder, who’s really going to be successful?

The people have spoken, and it looks as if Lee Seung Gi, everyone’s favorite MC/actor/singer, is expected to spearhead this next movement in the Hallyu wave. ‘Monkey3‘, a Korean music site, recently conducted a poll and found that 45% of its respondents (234 votes) believed Lee Seung Giwould make it big in Japan.  Netizens have commented, “The way to succeed in Japan is through singing“, “In Japan, the dramas “Shining Inheritance” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” are already well-known“.  Lee Seung Gi is due to start his promotions this month in Japan, complete with performances and fan meetings.

Coming at second place is 2NE1, who recently released a Japanese version of their single, “Go Away“. They garnered 22% of the votes (115 votes), and  B2st came in 3rd with 18% of the vote (92 votes). Meanwhile, 2PM came in 4th place with 6% (32 votes), and SECRET and After School came in 5th and 6th places, with 6% (29 votes) 4% (20 votes), respectively.

cr: ALLKPOP, Review Star