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BEAST’s Comeback on M!Countdown 110519

BEAST’s backstage [M!Countdown Comeback Stage]

On Rainy Days


Credit: Likeyou95 & CrazyCarrotExtra


BEAST’s comeback, about the release of new album

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

The morning of the 9th that many people have been waiting for is here. Also, I think that you will be waiting for the mornings to come with the brightest sun shining each day.

Now, with BEAST’s comeback in our eye sight, Cube is busy like ever since morning without nights, and full of anticipation and nervousness.

First, BEAST’s first official album, ‘BEAST’s First Official Album’ will be released on May 17th (Tuesday).

With the release date coming up, there are a lot of assumptions being made about the album, but the most important thing to know is that this high album, made with the grown member’s passion and effort, is waiting for you guys.

This album has a dramatic arrangement that almost makes it seem like a story telling album and will feel as if you are reading through many different novels. Also, with the type of sound that wouldn’t be expected with BEAST’s past strong background, they had gotten a new type of sound with a modern feel.

Secondly, for our BEAST fans waiting for the comeback, the BEAST teaser website will be open on the morning of May 9th after the notice about the comeback album.

The teaser of the first story of the new BEAST album will be available on the BEASTs official website;

Thank you.


B2ST’s Yoseob tweets about recording for their new album

B2ST’s Yoseob recently reported to his fans the progress B2ST is making on their new music album.

On April 23rd, the idol tweeted, “We started recording for B2ST’s title song. I hope you all get nervous and anticipate for this. It’s really big. Anyways, B2ST members really like snacking“.

He then uploaded this exclusive picture, which revealed the B2ST members taking a break in the recording room. On the table in front of them are various snacks and drinks.

Netizens commented, “I’m curious. I want to see them soon”, “I’m anticipating for the title song”, “While everyone is resting, I see Junhyung who is concentrating on something.”

Meanwhile, B2ST is set to perform at ‘Super Triple Concert‘ with December and IU at Busan’s BEXCO on April 30th.

Source: Medical News Today via Nate
Credit: allkpop

G.NA Cafe Post 101009

From here to the end…!!

WOW!! Everyone!! It’s me Gina!~~~<3

On Friday October 8 evening at Mubank….
Beast sunbaenims got their…
Win! ! ! ! !

Because of all of you, I really wanted to give my heartfelt thanks.
Also wanted to give my thanks to Cube Family as well.
After seeing Beast’s win and with recollection of my past trainee days started to flood my memories…
somehow tears of joy started to flow…
To know that such strength and support from fans existed made me really proud and touched!!!
Really thank you for supporting and loving our Cube Family!!!!!! ❤

After regaining my strength and passion from seeing Beast’s win,
I was able to find a greater motivation to work harder!
(thank you thank you thank you!!! =))
I will also become like our awesome family members ‘Beast’ and ‘4MINUTE’ that you will one day be proud of!!
So please give us a lot of love till the very end!!
I believe in all of you! ^^ You know I love you right??^^ kekekekeke

Everyone now that the weather’s getting colder, make sure to wear warmer clothes!!!
I’m slowly slowly recovering from this cold you don’t realize how dangerous and depressing it was… -_-;; kekekeke
Always be careful okay?! =D

thank you once again for letting our family members ‘BEAST’ a NUMBER ONE artist!!
i really hope all this love and support will keep goin till the end of the time hehe..<3

Let’s gather up our strength and always fighting!
love you guys so much! you guys are my inspiration . . . ❤

I love you!~~~~

SOOOOOOOOOO ‘BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
SO~~~~~~~~~~~~’BEAST’ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! ❤

cr:G.Na’s cafe, dujunseob@ B2st rising

Beastly idol BEAST VS Sweet idol SHINee, the contrast styling to win the hearts of women

OSEN=Choi Nayoung Reporter] If the recent issue was on the girl groups, the male idol groups are making their comebacks one by one. The groups include BEAST, who is referred to as the beast-dols, and ‘sweet-dol’ SHINee with their new follow up song, attracting the female fans with the different visual and music styles. The opposite styles of the two male groups BEAST and SHINee are currently attracting attention as the spotlight is turned on them.

BEAST symbolized the birth of a new beastly group. They had made their extravagant comeback with a strong male beast concept. With the military look showing off their muscles, they show of a lot of charisma on stage. Wearing studs on a all black leather outfit, and the bold jewelry adds on to the beastly idol concept.

Also, unlike the other idol groups trying to stand out by dying their hair color, BEAST stuck with the black, dark wine and other darker colors and added only one lighter color to a member which acted like a highlight point emphasizing the manliness.

To this, the hair stylist in Junoh hair commented, “With the season changing to fall, more and more idols are appearing with calm hair colors instead of the bright and standing out colors.” In addition she added, “The dark wine color Lee Kikwang portrays a strong, but sexy feel which adds on to the beastly idol image.”

If that was BEAST, SHINee, who had showed off a strong and sexy image for ‘Lucifer’ appeared with the follow up song ‘HELLO’ and showed off a sweet image. Unlike the extravagant and special outfits in the past, with the follow up song, they all turned into perfect romantic guys for the follow up song.

In particular, SHINee’s hairstyle had shown off their sweet image the best. For the ‘Lucifer’ promotions, they had shown off a white/light blonde hair, half shaven hair, and other shocking looks, but for the follow up song, they had displayed a much more tone down color of the light brown. Also, unlike the special styling used to show off a lively hair, they had completed the romantic guy style with a light wax styling.

cr:osen, aoistars @ B2st rising

BEAST Finally makes a comeback, will they claim their title as the best idol?

The 6 member group BEAST had finally made a comeback.

BEAST had their first comeback stage on the first of October with the 3rd album ‘Mastermind’ on the live broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’. On this day, BEAST performed the song ‘Mastermind’ and the title song ‘Breath’.

Debuted last year, since then BEAST’s popularity rose and is now considered one of the higher leveled groups out of all the male groups. On this day, they were on the last stage and showed off the current position of BEAST. It can be concluded that they had proudly won their position as one of the greatest male idol group.

On this day, BEAST captured the hearts of female fans with their strong charisma.

BEAST had been known for the strong skills and had been referred to as the ‘singers who aren’t scared of the performance and live’. However this was possible due to the raw practice through day and night.

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon wrote on his twitter on the 30th, “Just keep watching us like the debut stage 1 year ago and cheer for us” and “I’m nervous and anxious like my first debut” showing that he was excited and at the same time very nervous.

The ‘Breath’ music video that was revealed a day before debut showed explosive amount of views in various music sites, and it had become the most downloaded clip on GOM TV the moment it was released. Top ranking search words were a given and it had even made it on the worldwide trending list on twitter showing the popularity they have overseas as well.

The album that was sold on that day had also kept its number one position on the charts making the wait for the comeback even greater.

Also the choreography revealed in the music videos caused much anticipation to make others wonder how the comeback stage is going to be like.

cr: NEWSEN, aoistars @ B2ST RISING

“Because of the stress, we even thought of, runningg away , 101007

user posted image[Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

BEAST had revealed the difficulties they faced while preparing for the ‘Breath’ performance.

BEAST had been continuously attracting attention by showing off a dance that displayed the different characteristics of 6 members while still maintaining to mix the different performances into one for ‘Breath’. The practice video that had been released afterwards also helped to gain attention.

In the interview with Newsen, Yong Junhyung stated, “The choreography practice was the hardest.” The choreography for BEAST had been the work of Haw. He had made up the dance moves in America and sent them over to Korea, and the dance team in Korea had to study the video and teach BEAST. However a few days later, Haw arrived in Korea and checked over the dance and BEAST had to relearn the moves from scratch.

“We practiced the choreography for 3~4 days without a rest in the practice room. After that we moved right on to the music video filming.”

BEAST’s ability to quickly learn the dance moves have been proven. Even during the ‘SHOCK’, they had practiced the dance moves right until the date of the music video filming. “This time we had asked them for a favor earlier. We wanted more time to practice freely. But the reality wasn’t like that.” (Jang Hyunseung)

“It is also our job to digest all the dance moves in a short time. However since the ending was coming soon, everyone starts to anticipate. We practiced with the stress and overwhelming feeling on us the whole time.” (Yong Junhyung)

Leader Yoon Doojoon had also thought about “actually running away with the member because the stress on them was too much.” In the elevator each of them thought about “hiding away in each of their homes,” but since all of them were scared, they ended the conversation with “running away on a day without schedules.” In the end BEAST’s episode of ‘Runner’ had disappeared.

After Yong Junhyung, who had been nominated as the second in change for the second album, when Yang Yoseob, who had been nominated as the second in charge for third album, stated, “We are messing up. We are just becoming the bad kids,” suddenly all of the other members agreed. BEAST stated, “We ended up forgetting all the hardships after looking at the fans cheering for the dance moves we worked hard on.”

In the dance practice video that was revealed after their comeback had a little surprise for the fans. BEAST had expressed their thankfulness in the crazy dances. When we asked Yoon Doojoon if that was his everyday side, he stated, “I’m not like this,” however he couldn’t avoid Yang Yoseob confessing, “He is worse than that.” Yoon Doojoon had almost even sprained his ankle dancing the ‘Yoon Exaggerated Dance’.

Yoon Doojoon stated, “I really couldn’t tell anyone that I sprained by ankle. Thankfully there weren’t any big problems, but I was a bit disappointed in myself.”

After a year since debut, BEAST, who had been promoting like crazy, is now slowly starting to take off the “rookie” sticker and running towards the top of the music industry. “Through this album, we can clearly feel that we are getting some attention. In the future, we want to let the public know about the existence of BEAST. We hope that there isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t know us. (Jang Hyunseung)

Meanwhile BEAST will be having a special time with the fans in the solo concert coming up in December.