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Should I Hug Or Not (안을까 말까) – Beast (2junkwang)

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Beast member Yong Junhyung revealed a selca for his fans after a long absence.

On the 23rd of March, he posted a photo on his Twitter with the words ” Lately I have not shown my face (so I uploaded this picture)”.

In the photo, Junhyung is wearing a black roundneck T-shirt with a leopard print hat. His neat style and still handsome appearance even without any makeup attracted attention.

Netizens who saw the photo had various responses, “Are you in the recording studio?” , ” I don’t know how you can be so cute,” ,”You’ve grown some pimples, you look very tired,”. Junhyung recently collaborated with Wheesung for his new song and MV “Words That Freeze My Heart”.

Junhyung’s group Beast will launch their official fanclub B2UTY on the 2nd of April at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium.

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B2ST’s Junhyung will finally stand on stage as Wheesung’s rapper

Singer Wheesung will finally be joined by his original guest-rapper, B2ST’s Junhyung, for his ‘Words that Freeze My Heart’ performances on music programs.

Last week, Wheesung had stood on stage with INFINITE’s Hoya because Junhyung’s group activities made it difficult for him to coordinate with Wheesung’s schedules. As such, Hoya had filled in for Junhyung on all three major broadcast programs.

However, Junhyung had strongly expressed his desire to stand on stage with his sunbae Wheesung, even if it meant changing up his group’s schedule. Reportedly, Junhyung said, “It was hard to stand on Wheesung’s comeback stage as I was chased by B2ST’s group activities, but I want to reschedule so I can make the respected sunbae’s stage shine more.

The rapper’s ardent wish was finally granted, and now he’ll be performing alongside Wheesung for this week’s episodes of ‘M!Countdown’, ‘Music Bank’, ‘Show! Music Core’, and ‘Inkigayo’.

Wheesung has expressed his anticipation for the collaborative stage, and complimented Junhyung with, “A rapper who can control the tempo of emotion and logic with both skill and appeal”.

Their first stage of ‘Words that Freeze My Heart’ will be performed on March 24th’s episode of ‘M!Countdown’.

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[NEWS] Beast’s Yong Junhyung :”My phone number is personal, I’m tired of prank calls”

Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung appealed to fans on his Twitter page. On the 11th of February, he tweeted, ” I’m saying it again, I’m very sorry to all the kind B2UTYS but to those fans who know my phone number, please keep it to yourselves. I’m tired of all the prank calls and messages. Please. “

Junhyung frequently retweets fans who leave messages on his Twitter page, creating a special bond with them. But his personal phone number was disclosed by some fans, giving him a headache due to an excessive amount of prank calls and messages.

Fans who saw his sincere plea responded, ” We’re sorry” , “As true B2UTYS, we shouldn’t be like this.”

Beast will be holding their encore concert “Welcome Back To Beast Airline” on the 18th and 19th of February at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

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‘Exciting Subway Tour’ Lee Hongki-Yong Junhyung, ‘Nervousness’ about revealing their identities 110104

FT Island’s Lee Hongki and Beast’s Yong Junhyung have become a topic with their subway vacation.

Recently on his twitter, Lee Hongki posted the words “Junhyung and I are on a subway tour right now. We bought these couple scarves really quickly ke I’m worried and scared. We’re making memories like this” along with a picture.

In the picture, the two hid their faces as much as possible with the scarves, glasses and hats. But they weren’t able to hide their eyes which peeked out and their celebrity status that showed on what little was exposed of their faces.

Netizens who saw the picture have responded strongly with comments such as “I wonder what stop they’re at right now”, “I hope today they can enjoy the things that they couldn’t have as celebrities”, “Enjoy your subway tour.” But comments like “You’re scared? What’s so scary?”, “Are people going to prey on you or something?” also appeared.


101219 Manager Joonkun’s Cyworld Update


With Yongpali^^[HEADER]

Right before going up to inkigayo stage^^

It’s been a while since I took a picture with Yongpali ke

Happy birthday Yongpali^^


B2ST’s Junhyung reveals real name on MBC’s “Quiz to Change The World”

B2ST’s fierce rapper Junhyung recently revealed his real name on an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Quiz to Change The World”.

He admitted, “My name up until 6th grade was really Yong Jae Soon (용재순), however it was causing me to build so much stress, so I changed my name to Yong Junhyung in 6th grade.” He continued, “I was so ashamed that I didn’t even tell my fellow members of B2ST.”

The full discussion regarding his embarrassing name will air on December 4th. Stay tuned!

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