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Should I Hug Or Not (안을까 말까) – Beast (2junkwang)

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BEAST (비스트) DuKwang – Star Call 110210

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110107 MBCevery1 Magazine1 – Dookwang Predebut

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My Princess Next week Preview (Kikwang CUT)

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B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang has finally filmed his first episode for the new MBC drama, “My Princess.”

Recently, the drama’s official me2day posted the following message: “Ki Kwang filmed as the assistant chef at the Royal Court, and was finally able to meet with ‘Princess-nuna’.”

To elaborate on Ki Kwang’s character, a representative explained, “Lee Ki Kwang completed his first filming for the drama, and his role is a unique character who doesn’t hesitate to call Kim Tae Hee, ’Princess nuna’.”

Apparently, Lee Ki Kwang’s character is a good looking man who has a sweet personality; he is someone who is able to attract the ladies, even during his kindergarten days. However, he later got tired of being popular and decided to enter the army early. It was when he ate a bowl of ramen made by a senior officer that he became interested in the world of food and flavor.

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Lee Kikwang’s mother advises “You’re no good as an artist, so succeed as an actor”

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang will be acting in an official drama for the first time through “My Princess”.

On the episode of MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night- Hot Brothers’, there was a portion of the show with the theme “Become a model son”, where they made phone calls to their own parents in order to learn about what kind of son they were.

On this day, Lee Kikwang phoned his mother. He said, “These days I have a lot of schedules, it’s tiring. Also, I think I’m bad at acting.” He revealed that he had originally wanted to reject the part in the drama.

Subsequently, normal mothers would say that their largest concern about their son would be their health. However when Kikwang actually said he wanted to give it up, she persuaded him saying, “Lots of people watch mini series so you have to do it. It’s time.”

Following this, as soon as Lee Kikwang had whined “It’s like the limits of my body are being tested.” she persuaded him by saying, “You’re making a fuss. You’re no good as a singer, so you should act and then come out as a soloist.”

In order to succeed at the mission to get the parents to say ‘Our son is a model son’, Lee Kikwang had said “Mom, what kind of son am I?” She replied “The best son. You have to become a world star”, giving off the force of a company president, causing the audience to erupt into laughter.

Meanwhile, the drama that Lee Kikwang’s mother is anticipating so much has been revealed as the MBC drama ‘My Princess’ starring Song Seungheon and Kim Taehee. After the MBC sit com, ‘High Kick through the Roof’, this will be the first time that he will be acting in an official show, and his fans are in much anticipation.


Park Jinyoung reveals his reason to dropping Lee Kikwang from JYP

Park Jiyoung revealed the reason behind the elimination of Lee Kikwang while he was still an JYP trainee.

On KBS-2TV broadcasted on the 21st, Park Jiyoung made an awkward laugh when MC Kim Seungwoo asked, “If Kikwang was a JYP trainee, why did he end up debuting under a different management?”

To this Park Jinyoung stated, “When I first saw Lee Kikwang, I thought both of his dancing and singing skills were excellent. However he did have one negative side.”

He added, “It was disappointing to know that Kikwang thought that he was talented himself. A trainee needs to be focused and always leave a room for improvement, but I feel that Lee Kikwang knew by himself that he was talented on his own.”

Then he revealed, “Now, after hearing that he is working harder than anyone else, I called him separately before and told him that ‘I was really proud of hearing that he is working hard now’.”